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Dec 13

Do you bet that these 2017 HR trends will continue next year?

2017 is coming to an end, so it is time to analyze the strongest trends in HR of this year. During 2017, the attention dedicated to some technologies and innovations in the HR world has been growing exponentially. Some trends are particularly relevant and they are probably going to endure into 2018. Let’s see which these

Nov 29

Millennials: 5 characteristics of the perfect work place

Generation Y, composed by Millennials, include people born between 1980 and 1995. It is the youngest generation entirely inserted in the work world and, in some states like in the USA, it constitutes the most numerous generation in the national work force. Therefore, it is fundamental to know its characteristics, in order to define the

Nov 23

Human Resources: the new frontier in the development of machine learning

Have you ever wondered how can your email program distinguish between spam and solicited email or how it is possible that the advertisements on your Facebook wall match with your interests? The technology at the base of both systems is the same: machine learning.   A very easy example to understand machine learning’s basis is

Nov 22

Improve the customer experience in order to eclipse the competition

In the employment agencies’ world, competitors are more and more fierce, becoming even more hard to distinguish itself and beat the competition. Over the last few years, companies have been trying to distinguish itself through the enhancement of a feature scarcely considered before: the customer experience (CX). The CX concerns the company-customer contact, since the

Nov 20

Attract (and keep) your applicants’ attention? No problem!

Those who work in the field of recruitment and talent acquisition know the importance of having a wide disponibility of applicants for present and future necessity. So, it is important to understand the possible winning strategies to attract new applicants and, especially, to maintain their contacts. Here are 3 simple suggestions in order to catch

Sep 13

New tests, new tools to give added value to your applicant selection

When you have to deal with the recruitment and selection of the right talents, it is always difficult to meet your clients’ requests or to cover your available vacancies. As you usually need to shortlist your applicants in the shortest possible time and to prepare a comprehensive report on his/her working experiences at the same

Jul 21

Arca24 | StartCup Ticino – Chatbot tool for automatic job interview

Arca24 specialises in Human Resources software. We are not a traditional IT company because we focus on the software development that helps humans to do their job not only when they are working on it but also when they aren’t. The project we are presenting to StartCup Ticino is CB1-18 a recruiting ChatBot which represents

Jul 6

Arca24 all over the world: where we are

Arca24 is growing rapidly and expanding its sales network all over the world. As a result of the partnership established with Advance Systems, an Irish HR software provider, our ATS for applicant management Talentum and our staffing CRM software Ngage will be spread across Ireland, the UK and USA. Thanks to that, our technology has

Jun 28

Discover Ngage in a video

We are pleased to present you Ngage, our CRM software for recruiting and staffing agencies, in a very comprehensive and interesting video. Discover how Ngage, our ATS and CRM software solution, enables staffing agencies to manage HR processes and customer relationship with just one tool.

Jun 16

CB1-18, the robot that selects applicants

If you really know, you can imagine that we do not only focus on developing software solutions to optimize HR processes. We constantly look at the future. On the one hand we keep on supporting our clients with our technology, on the other hand we have been developing new solutions that will satisfy their