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Apr 20

The ATS by Arca24 is now a… Talentum

The Applicant Tracking System by Arca24 has changed, now its name is Talentum. Not for nothing we chose that name: Talentum by Arca24 is a software solution that enables recruiters to effectively recruit job seekers and accurately select and manage the talents who will join their team, by means of all the most advanced preselection

Apr 13

Digital technology as a fundamental experience to succeed in recruiting

Swissstaffing, namely the association representing Swiss staff leasing companies, wrote an article about digital technology in the world of human resources. According to the opinions collected from HR specialists and HR solutions developers, the article stresses the importance to adopt digital tools for recruiting and reveals the main features that have to be integrated into

Apr 12

Talking about Job Ads…

Returning to the subject, as I did in the previous article, about the inclusion in the database of the candidate form, through the corporate page “Careers”, we return briefly to the subject of web traffic and conversion rate. We are now aware that you can work well on the personnel selection using the company website,

Apr 7

The secret advantages of the perfect application form

Let’s start with some interesting data for those who are in charge of recruiting and selection. According to Talent Acquisition Factbook. Bersin by Deloitte research, today 20% of hiring comes from company’s career pages. First of all companies need a career page and of course that has to be efficient and effective. A company page

Mar 24

Semantic Engine Matching

SEM, which is the acronym of Semantic Engine Matching, is the semantic search engine developed by Arca24. It contains thousands of job descriptions and is able to read and classify documents such as CVs and job offers, to understand the contents of them and rank the search results automatically. Everything starts with job posting. By

Mar 20

Employer Branding by Arca24: how to present your brand and the values that set it apart from others

Employer Branding is a concept born as a marketing activity aiming at promoting one’s own work environment on the web, especially through the company website, and creating a good web reputation as employer in the eyes of new potential applicants. If you want to attract job seekers, to convince them to submit an unsolicited application

Mar 17

Candidate’s summary: give value to your job by introducing your candidates in the most accurate way

For recruiters it is very important to accurately introduce candidates to clients: introduction is a focal point during selection. On the one hand recruiters need to provide their customers with a first feedback on their current selection, more specifically a « summary » on the candidate, but on the other hand the file itself has to be

Feb 28
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TALENTpro 2017, book a live demo of our software solution!

Book a live demo of our semantic search engine, contact us! Visit us at TALENTpro 2017, the exhibition for Recruiting Solutions & Employer Branding, Halle 3 | T.08!  

Feb 22

Arca24 got to South Africa!

Arca24 and Paymaster People Solutions signed an agreement. Through this strategic alliance, Paymaster has become the overseas authorised reseller of Arca24’s software solutions across Africa. Paymaster People Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Grant Thornton Advisory Services Cape a member firm of Grant Thornton International the world’s seventh largest professional services. Grant Thornton is