Candidate’s summary: give value to your job by introducing your candidates in the most accurate way

Mar 17

Candidate’s summary: give value to your job by introducing your candidates in the most accurate way

For recruiters it is very important to accurately introduce candidates to clients: introduction is a focal point during selection.

On the one hand recruiters need to provide their customers with a first feedback on their current selection, more specifically a « summary » on the candidate, but on the other hand the file itself has to be easily accessible and contain as much information as possible.

The candidate’s file that recruiters send to their clients not only concerns the person selected, but also expresses recruiters’ accuracy and care for details, the way they actually work, the tools they use and their competence in evaluating job seekers.

The software solution for recruiting by Arca24, whose we have developed a version for staffing and employment agencies, enables you as recruiters to directly send candidates’ resumes containing CVs and test results to your clients, in order to keep track of the whole recruitment and selection process and of the feedback received.

Our software for staffing agencies is modular. The modul called CRM enables you to record and manage your client’s details (offices and contact people), to plan activities and record orders received by your clients, by opening the so called «opportunities».

Directly from the opportunity tab you can access to the section specifically created for recruiting, where you can post a job ad or start your search for candidates in your database. Once you have selected the right candidate within the shortlist provided by the system, you can easily create a file containing the candidate’s documents and send it to your client: a candidate’s summary which is easy to consult and interactive.

Just in the candidate’s profile, or in the tab you are working on, you can fill out a comprehensive «candidate’s summary» tailored to your client’s requests and needs: the summary contains a job title, that is to say the candidate’s profession or the title of the position available, two text boxes for a personal and professional evaluation of the person and his/her CV extraction, which can be edited in ordert o hide or show specific data.


The closing part of the form to fill out enables you to select a list of options in order to customize it. While sending the document you can choose to show or not the candidate’s personal details, to send his/her original CV or just an extraction of it. You also can choose to make his/her picture visible or not, to share the videos recorded by the candidate or his/her tests’ results with your client and even to attach other documents concerning the person.

Once you have created one or more « candidates’ summaries », you can select a client or a contact person whom you want to send them to. The recipient will receive an e-mail with the software specific lay out and details, where he/she will find the links (one for each candidate) leading him/her to access the candidates’ files, without logging into the software.

All information provided in the files can be opened and the resume (if included) can be printed.
Your client will be able to leave some feedback on the candidate/s and you will then receive a notification informing you about that. Your client’s feedback will always remain saved in the candidate and client’s profiles.


The « candidate’s summary » developed by Arca24 in its software for applicant management is a feature giving great added value to your job, enabling you to introduce candidates to your clients in the most accurate way possible and to keep track of their feedback and comments.