Right to be forgotten

Right to be forgotten GDPR for HR | 25.05.2020 There is no doubt that one of the fundamental objectives of the GDPR is to increase the level of people's trust in the digital society. The right to [...]

Right to data portability (art. 20 GDPR)

GDPR for HR | 24.04.2020 This is a right that can be exercised only in the event the personal data have been transmitted on the basis of consent and only if the treatment is carried out on an electro [...]

Candidate’s GDPR Rights Protection: the Right of Access

In this second article we want to focus on the right of access governed by article 15 of the GDPR. This is the right of access to his own data by the interested party. The interested party has the [...]

Candidate’s GDPR Rights Protection

Recently, also Switzerland has adopted measures in order to comply with the data processing regulation, which already involves the European Union. In fact, the Federal Council considered the Protocol [...]

GDPR Best Practices

It is vital that companies and suppliers today establish a complete strategic plan with standards, rules and procedures to guarantee data confidentiality and the protection of personal information o [...]