Your challenge, our technology!

Arca24 has a new look! Starting from today we are online with our new website, designed for transferring not only a clear image of our solutions for the optimization of the entire HR process, but al [...]

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JobArch: Recruit easily, hire quickly

Arca24 has placed on the market a recruiting software specifically designed for meeting the needs of SMEs: JobArch. JobArch is born from the desire of creating an Applicant Tracking System on the s [...]

5 rules to choose a software

After 3 years since I have started to sell software and many years during which I bought them, today I would like to give you five easy-to-follow rules to choose a software. These are general rules [...]

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Invitation to Personal Swiss 2018

Would you like to improve your company's hr strategy or to get a solution customized for your staffing agency? With our free ticket to Personal Swiss (the most important HR expo in Switzerland), you [...]

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How to use mobile devices in recruitment process

Over the last few years, the usage of mobile devices for surfing on the internet has been considerably growing. Also the HR world and, in particular, recruitment and selection process is more and mo [...]

Do you bet that these 2017 HR trends will continue next year?

2017 is coming to an end, so it is time to analyze the strongest trends in HR of this year. During 2017, the attention dedicated to some technologies and innovations in the HR world has been growing [...]

Millennials: 5 characteristics of the perfect work place

Generation Y Millennials are more and more relevant in the work force, but which are the features they look for in their work place? Knowing this features means understand the best way to develop ta [...]

Human Resources: the new frontier in the development of machine learning

Machine learning is one of the most advanced technologies in artificial intelligence. Find out, in an easy and immediate way, how it works and its potential uses in the HR world, the new frontier of m [...]

Improve the customer experience in order to eclipse the competition

Over the last few years, the Customer experience (CX), is becoming more and more important in the development of business strategies. In the field of Human Resources, this new perspective allows to e [...]