What AI CV Matching is

AI Matching is a search and indexing system for the professions contained in the curriculum vitae and in job offers.

Artificial Intelligence does not replace the normal keyword search – full text index – but enhances it, through a specific semantic engine for talent management. Recruiters will have a recruiting matching system capable of autonomously carrying out the pre-screening of candidates.

CV and job posting languages are very different from each other, only a semantic matching engine can reduce the gap between the two.


Features and benefits of AI CV Matching

Once the CV and job description have been obtained, the “job semantic matching software” comes into action, encompassing five actions in a few seconds:

1. Parsing and data extraction

All the text contained in the curriculum is extracted (be it a reading file or an image) – like a .jpeg. The system is able to analyze the images, thanks to an integrated “image processing” software – based on neural networks – which parses the CV and operates a classification of the text content into sections.

2. Data normalization

The data are normalized in order to improve understanding and a grammar software conducts a logical analysis on the extracted content to identify the semantic meaning of each sentence in the text.

3. Semantic analysis

Our calculation algorithm searches and indexes professional skills (the tasks that uniquely identify a profession) in the analyzed text.

4. Indexing

Professional skills are analyzed and evaluated by calculation algorithms, to then be accepted or rejected based on parameters of professional proximity.

Currently the semantic analysis system is available in: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish. Other languages can be implemented, such as: Catalan, Russian, Romanian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese.

5. Matching and ranking

The algorithm extracts the professional tags present in job offers; comparing them with the skills present in the CV of the candidates, it returns the matching of CVs suitable for the selected talent pool.

Artificial Intelligence generates the percentages according to which candidates are ranked.

Discover all the features and benefits of using an AI CV Matching technology developed to get the most out of screening HR documents.

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