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Monthly licence fees

Analytics: analytics is the module dedicated to the collection and analysis of commercial and selection KPIs that allows Employment Agencies and recruitment companies to monitor global trends.

Multimailing: within the selection step it is possible to make massive communications. In these cases, it is sufficient to select the candidates to whom you want to write and choose whether to do it by preparing a multimailing.

Job Radar: Ngage gathers together the job offers published on the main portals and keeps them for 90 days on its server. Almost in real time the consultants within the staffing agency can view both the latest job offers suitable for their research, and therefore referring to the same pool of talents, and the candidate research on which their competitors are working.

Additional services

Video: an integrated video recruitment system allows you to conduct automated or real-time video interviews and request candidates to record video presentations.

SMS: within the selection step it is possible to communicate directly with the individual candidate by opening the profile and choosing whether to send an email or an SMS. All activities are then saved within the candidate’s activity tracking system, so as not to lose any useful information.

Language test: an online test system allows you to assess the language skills of your candidates. It is possible to request one or more language tests directly from the candidate’s profile.