Arca24 has placed on the market a recruiting software specifically designed for meeting the needs of SMEs: JobArch.

JobArch is born from the desire of creating an Applicant Tracking System on the same level of a sophisticated and well-structured software for big companies such as Talentum, but addressed to small and medium enterprises. JobArch indeed allows low-cost and quick recruitment and selection of applicants. It works very easily: in just a few steps, you are ready to start job ads posting.

First, it is essential to register your company filling a short form for the must-have information directly from JobArch’s website. For the first month, you can use this software for free and after the trial period you will be able to choose the subscription that best suits your needs. Besides, it is possible to manage your account customizing your career page and setting the amount of users you would like to add, the notifications you would like to receive, as well as the reply e-mail you would like to send to candidates. After registering your company profile, on the “Dashboard” of your personal area the software provides three links you can easily add with one or more buttons directly on your website. The first one will contain your job listing, the second one will redirect users to the login area to access the software and the third one will contain a spontaneous application form for candidates.

Why should a company choose JobArch?

JobArch allows you to collect an unlimited number of applicants to each job ad and enables you to find passive candidates who match your requirements and include them in your selection process, thanks to the Talent Acquisition function. Besides candidates are automatically listed considering their competencies and the distance from workplace, thanks to our Skills Matching technology; this way it is possible to identify applicants who best match with a specific job offer. JobArch is also made up of a multiposting system directly connected to the software that gives you the possibility to share job ads on the most important job boards with only a few clicks. What makes JobArch such an easy-to-use tool for every single user is the availability of the software in seven different languages that in turn allows breaking down language barriers. There is more; thanks to the tracking of all activities and evaluations made for each candidate, JobArch really helps to automatize and improve time and costs connected to the selection process.

Another important aspect which needs to be taken into consideration is that one concerning data security and protection. Indeed, starting from 25 may 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force with the aim of primarily giving control to citizens and residents within the EU and EEA areas over their personal data. In this perspective, JobArch is a 100% GDPR compliant tool and represents a valid and safe software that guarantees data protection as required from the regulation.

A software developed for SMEs

As a software especially developed for SMEs, JobArch offers flexible and cost-effective plans based on your company size. There are actually different options to choose from, depending on the specific needs each company would like to meet.

JobArch is a web service that effectively enables to improve your recruitment process and help job seekers make a thoughtful choice… JobArch: recruit easily, hire quickly!