1. Sign in


Register your company by filling a form and access your Applicant Tracking System.

screen register
screen custom

2. Account management


By using the button “account management”, you can add unlimited users, customize your career page with images, videos and texts, setup the notifications you want to receive and a reply e-mail to applicants.

screen custom

Video tutorial

User management

As admin of the software you can create new users’ profiles and assign them credits to post job ads and to unlock new resumes in the database of JobArch.

Customize emails to candidates

The software automatically sends emails to your candidates, in order to enable you to save time during your selection processes. You can always update and customize both the email response to applications and the rejection one.

Account management

You can update your personal information and login details as user and your company profile.

Company registration and profile overview

After registering your company profile, you will be able to use the software by adding three links to your website, which you will find on the “Dashboard” of your personal area. You will also have an overview on the features of JobArch.

3. Dashboard


After signing in, you can find three links on the “Dashboard” of your personal area, which you will need to add to your website. The first one will contain your job listing, the second one will redirect users to the login area to access the software and the third one will contain a spontaneous application form for candidates.

screen dashboard

Video tutorial

Employer branding page

You can create your own employer branding page containing your logo, the most important information on your company and employees, some pictures of your offices and the links to your YouTube videos or social media pages.

Edit graphics

As admin of the software you can customize your career page graphics : you can upload a custom header, choose your background and link colours and display your company logo.

Post a job ad and view the results

You can easily post a job ad and view the candidates who apply, who are automatically ranked according to their compatibility. Many filters will then enable you to refine your search.

Look for candidates

You can easily look for candidates in the database of JobArch, such as new candidates to invite to your selection processes, those who have previously applied to your jobs or you have already evaluated.

Candidate’s profile

You can have an overview of the candidate’s profile or directly access his profile, to see when he last updated his resume, to assess the candidate, to insert the profile into an open selection process or just to contact him.

You are ready to start!