1. Preamble

The following General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all products and services owned and offered by Arca24.com – Via Roncaglia n.5, CH-6883 Novazzano . By using our services, you accept the following Terms and Conditions unaltered and in full.

We recommend you to read this document carefully before using the services provided on this website. In accessing our website, you are deemed to totally and unconditionally accept our Terms and Conditions. Should you not agree to all or some of the clauses outlined, you could not use the services.

The use of the services offered by Arca24.com SA is subject to the user registration on the website jobarch.com according to the options offered in the General Conditions at the paragraph « User registration ».

Arca24.com SA reserves the right to amend these conditions at any time, by editing this document. We therefore invite you to periodically visit this page, as the use of our website is strictly subject to our Terms and Conditions.

2. Contract object

Arca24.com SA developed a technology platform available on the website jobarch.com, which aims at matching labour supply and demand. No installation on your servers is required. All Arca24 services are provided as SaaS (Software as a Service), therefore they are accessible from any device.

3. User registration

The profile is personal and can not be transferred, borrowed nor rented. The responsibility of any offence against the General Terms and Conditions is directly imputable to anyone who uses it inappropriately. The user can delete his/her profile at any time.

Arca24.com can suspend or discontinue its services if the profile or publication of the data stored on its website do not turn out to comply with the service provided and/or with the following points.

Two types of users will be mentioned: the employer and the candidate.

3.1 Registration as candidate
The candidate can register his/her CV for free. The following data are requested in the registration form: personal data (such as name, surname, telephone number, address, email address), education and work related information.

The candidate’s personal data, such as name, surname, telephone number, email address, etc., are only available under the explicit consent of the candidate who set the privacy level while registering. The candidate who applies to a job offer is automatically allowing the employer to view his/her personal data. The user who registered his/her profile is responsible for the data entered, their veracity as well as for any illegal, discriminatory act or prejudice against third parties or JobArch.com.

3.2 Registration as employer
The employer can register his/her profile and have a free 30-day trial to use the services at no cost. After the trial period has expired, the employer has to subscribe to use them. That free trial period is not binding.

4. Payment terms

All the prices listed on this website are subject to 7.7% VAT and refer to the employer.

All payments can occur online, by credit card Visa/MasterCard, by PayPal or bank transfer. The user is fully responsible for his/her purchase through the abovementioned payments methods. Therefore neither order cancellations nor recessions will be allowed after the purchase.

Pursuant to Circular 2008/3 “Public deposits with non-banks” of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, the maximum amount of any single or multiple purchases made by the employer is CHF 3’000. The system will not allow any operation exceeding this limit. We are also informing the employer that their credits will not produce any interest and the use of them will only be limited to the services provided on this website.

5. Responsibility and limitations

Arca24 can not guarantee the accuracy of the data that candidates fill into the database or record during their video interviews. The data shown are provided in the same format in which they are received, therefore we take no responsibility.

Arca24 is not considered responsible for any circumstances to users or third parties neither for the veracity and accuracy of the information provided and reported. Arca24 is not responsible for any publication, by any user, who intends to use the software inappropriately, illegally, discriminatorily, damaging the image of others.

In spite of Arca24 commitments to monitor the use and security of the software, Arca24 can not guarantee that the software is free from errors, cyber attacks or from other dangerous mechanisms coming by third parties. Arca24 can not be held responsible for the costs of any damage.

6. Privacy

In accordance with the obligations concerning the protection of personal data, Arca24 acknowledges that the protection of information is a matter of great importance and will make all effort within its power to maintain the level of confidentiality of the information and personal data on its servers as high as possible. For more details see the Privacy Policy of this website.

The users are responsible for keeping their passwords and personal data safe and private.

7. Applicable law

The validity, interpretation and application of this agreement shall be governed by Swiss law. Any dispute arising from the application of this agreement shall be brought before the Court of Lugano.