Our products in 2018

Ngage, second step: employee administration module for Italian staffing agencies

After developing a solution for the Swiss market, Ngage, i.e. the CRM software for staffing companies, will be also targeted at Italian recruiting and staffing companies. In addition to the CRM module for applicant and client relationship management, one for employee management will be integrated into Ngage. Staffing companies will be able to make quotations, create contracts, track employees’ attendance and manage invoicing. The software will support them on those activities that are still being done manually, by providing with modules for data collecting and on board security, which clients will be able to fill out by accessing their reserved area. With just one click, agencies will be able to request those modules in the client profile.

Virtual agency

The number of virtual staffing agencies will increase more and more in the future. Companies will be able to select a job seeker and negotiate his/her price through a platform made available by recruitment agencies. Staffing agencies’ role will change: according to their clients’ needs, they not only will sell services but also products. As far as the Swiss market is concerned, that project is structurally ready. We only look for agencies that believe in the future and want to entrust us with this kind of implementation.

Mploy: performance management

After hiring the right talents, organizations need a solution for onboarding. Mploy will be the new tool for performance management, which will be combined with Talentum, our Applicant Tracking System, or delivered as an independent product. That software solution will enable organizations to effectively manage their onboarding processes, examine their performance, their staff’s training needs and salary policy.

Employee time and attendance app

Temp employee time tracking is a crucial point in all countries. Clocking in and out is still managed and recorded manually by back office operators. Our idea is to make an app available for temporary workers which can geolocate them and enables them to clock in and out with just one click. Those data will be automatically imported into the employee timesheet software used by the organizations that will be connected to the app.


After receiving a resume, our software will activate both CViewr and Skillskan. Those two tools will work together by processing the resume and providing recruiters with some indicators. JoBot will then automatically ask the applicant some questions, in order to discover and analyse some aspects of his/her working life and professional skills.