Why Mploy

Maximize the value of your business through optimized staff management

A software dedicated to human resource management that includes a complete and configurable set of modules relating to traditional employee management functions and covers the entire life cycle of the collaborator, from the onboarding process to the management of daily activities.

Software for the entire
staff management

A tool that allows you to acquire, manage and
optimize the workforce, transforming the traditional ones
HR administrative functions in opportunities for
stimulate commitment, productivity
and corporate value.

The software includes a DATA module, a PERFORMANCE evaluation tab, a section for managing internal vacancies and a corporate social intranet.

DATA: allows you to map the roles of your collaborators, defining organizational objectives and behaviors for each.

PERFORMANCE: allows you to manage the performance of your employees efficiently and completely.

VACANCIES INTERNE (Applicant Tracking System): allows you to manage the entire process of recruiting, evaluating and selecting internal candidates.

SOCIAL: allows you to dynamically and interactively manage all internal communications within the organization.

Mploy Data Management

Employee data management software

A software that allows you to track the employee’s life cycle, from the insertion of personal data in the system to the definition of the company organization chart.

With Mploy Data managers and employees can work together to plan, monitor and review their professional goals and contributions to the company.

Mploy Performance Management

Software for managing employee performance

The software is able to track all the activities and objectives that employees must complete, monitoring their progress for efficient and complete performance management.

You will be able to support your staff in achieving their work objectives by establishing the necessary training and growth opportunities.

Mploy Internal Vacancies

Application management software

An Applicant tracking System Saas (software as a service) dedicated to internal mobility that allows you to recruit, manage and evaluate your collaborators effectively and efficiently.

Mploy Vacancies allows the creation of a dedicated area where all internal job offers are published – visible only to collaborators – and reduces recruitment times.

Mploy Social Intranet

Software for cooperation within the company

A social intranet created to facilitate communication and management of activities within one’s own company.

Light, powerful and equipped with an intuitive interface, the platform allows interaction between colleagues through the creation of groups and company pages, and the instant sharing of content. The result? Significant time savings, less information dispersion and incentives for collaboration.

How Mploy works

Demo area

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Our software can interact with other management systems and connect to recruitment platforms, allowing you to have more resources available and to use an even more complete tool.

Compatibility for integrations with other management software, payroll software and other human resource management software.

Possibility to add other job portals to the list of platforms provided by our automatic multiposting system, connectable through XML feeds.

Additional features

arca24 - talentum video recruiting

Video recruiting

Candidates can easily answer the video interview, by directly accessing the video session, even from tablets or smartphones.

This function is responsive and user-friendly for both the user and the candidate and is easily accessible from mobile.

Language test

You can ask your candidates to take a language test provided by the Language Centre in order to assess their language skills. Our technology is free of language barriers and the test is available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

Soft skills test

Thanks to Professione Lavoro, Eegup and Arca24 itself, you can evaluate the soft skills of the candidates. These tests will allow you to have a more in-depth knowledge of potential candidates, ensuring better talent management.


Our solutions are integrated with Atti2de, the video game based on a sophisticated algorithm that allows you to identify the player’s aptitude profile, involving and motivating the candidate digitally during the Recruitment process.