When you have to deal with the recruitment and selection of the right talents, it is always difficult to meet your clients’ requests or to cover your available vacancies.

As you usually need to shortlist your applicants in the shortest possible time and to prepare a comprehensive report on his/her working experiences at the same time, you need to use effective assessment tools.

Once again our software solutions provide you with several tests, whose results can be easily shared with your clients or colleagues at any time.

The software invites applicants to complete those tests, by giving them some tips, and will notify you, as soon as they complete it. When writing a report (which we call “candidate’s summary”) on your applicants for your clients, you fill find their tests’ results and notes in their profiles.
What kind of tests did we include?

After integrating the so-called Job Test into the software, which enables you to discover your applicants’ soft skills applied to the working environment, we have made 3s Soft Skill Surveyavailable.

3s Soft Skill Survey was developed by the Italian company Professione Lavoro s.r.l. and is currently available in Italian but will be soon available in English too.
That test aims to detect applicants’ behavioural aspects, by defining 36 of his/her specific soft skills related to the following categories: organisational and strategical skills, relational skills, thinking skills, emotional and self-control skills, motivational skills, personal skills.

That test was validated through the help of some psychologists from the psychology faculty of Università degli Studi in Turin, Italy. That validation attested the reliability of the test results. Through those results, organizations can foresee how a potential candidate to a job will behave in a particular situation.

Arca24 also offers a language proficiency test that goes beyond any national certification, as some certifications may only be known within a particular geographic area, and beyond any subjective evaluation.
Our integrated language proficiency test, which was powered by the language institute British Language Centre in Lugano, Switzerland, is currently available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Applicants have 50 minutes time to answer 60 multiple choice questions, whose level of difficulty changes during the test. That questionnaire tests both grammar and technical proficiency and the knowledge of common everyday language expressions. The test result certifies applicants’ language proficiency according to the CEF (Common European Framework).

You can therefore test and assess several skills of the applicants you intend to hire or present to your clients, in order to provide a more comprehensive report from your part. Those test results can actually be disclosed through the sharing of your reports/summaries on your applicants with your clients.