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What is the billing and wages form (Swiss market)

It is the additional administrative module to Ngage Staffing Agency Software to make the employment agency business even more performing and complete, both for temporary work and for executive search companies.

The module allows the creation of quotes for the customer, the management of contracts, the management of working times, billing and wages (Swissdec certificates); it also includes a system of notifications and alerts on back office administrative procedures. 100% GDPR compliant, this module is active only for the Swiss market.

Features and benefits of an administrative module

1. Temp and Perm estimate creation

Every time a customer opens a selection, he must be able to establish a price and know exactly the hourly margin (it is important to have visibility on the margin of every single hour in case of temporary work).

In the customer’s card, within the CRM, a new tab is activated that allows the creation of the quote; the CCL, social security contributions and the total cost of the worker are selected automatically. With a simple mask it is also possible to modify: percentage margin, absolute value margin, multiplier and tariff.

By changing a value, the others will automatically adapt. Precise management, which greatly reduces human error during the calculation and makes the consultant attentive to the real value of the order.

2. CCL configuration and social security contributions

All CCLs are imported monthly from TempData. It is also possible to make changes and create customized CCLs based on the needs of the agency or client. In the same way, the system allows you to configure all social security contributions (worker side and company side).

3. Contract creation

In just a few clicks, you can create both the mission contract and the supply contract. From the candidate card – present in the recruiting form – by selecting the client, the office and the generated estimate and a few other information, both contracts are automatically created, which are then available both in the CRM and in the candidate form.

4. Active Temp Dashboards

The module allows you to always know precisely how many temporary workers there are, where they are allocated and whether they have expiring contracts. Thanks to the integrated SMS function, you can easily notify them for the extension of the contract.

5. Working hours management

The management of working time can be done both by the consultant and by the customer through their specific area. Working hours can be entered monthly, weekly or daily. From the same panel it is also possible to manage advance payments, create payment DTAs and enter overtime and increased hours. A triple control system allows you to check them before sending them to billing and wages.

6. Active employee absence form

Both the consultant and the candidate can manage absences. The registered absences will block the entry of hours (to avoid errors); if the insertion is made by the candidate, both the company contact person and the consultant will be notified via email and SMS.

7. Alert, permits and contractual renewals

The software informs consultants when there are expiry permits and entry notifications. Similarly, when a CCL is updated Ngage informs the consultant that there are contracts to be updated.

8. Extractions and administrative reporting

From Ngage it is possible to extract the reports for joint commissions and LPP. The system also allows you to compare the analyzes of the theoretical and real margins to check the progress of the agency.

9. Arbeit Swiss communication

When a job offer is submitted which is subject to mandatory communication to the placement centers, the system notifies it, thus avoiding possible errors.

10. Invoices

After entering the working hours, the invoice is ready for checking. You can add manual lines and make changes. Once brought into billing it remains in the draft status for further checking before continuing with the final step during which the system will assign the final numbering.

11. Swissdec and DTA wages

Wages (Swissdec certified) can be created at any time, there is no binding link with billing. Once the working hours have been entered, the salary is ready to be made; will remain in a pre-build state before being verified. Once the verification is complete, it is possible to generate the print and create the DTA for the arrangement of the bank payment.

12. Candidate and client area

Within each personal area: the candidate will be able to consult the copy of the paycheck (once generated) and the customer to check the invoices issued.

13. Printouts and forms

The system allows the printing of the unemployment and intermediate earnings forms pre-filled for the streamlining of administrative procedures.

14. Extractions for accounting

The export system allows you to download the debtors and creditors accounting file to be sent directly to the accounting software for automatic import.

Back Office Outsourcing

The Arca24 team, as an additional service, processes salaries and invoices. After entering into the mission and supply contracts and entering the hours of reports and the advances paid in outsourcing, wages are processed with the DTA file for payments.

All invoices are then generated with the ISR coupon ready to be printed and sent.

We carry out a monthly check on the employee data to avoid possible errors.

We prepare declarations for social security contributions and joint commissions.

Check out Ngage administrative module

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Ngage Invoices and Salaries FAQ

What kind of quotations does the module include?2020-04-28T10:40:14+02:00

Ngage Invoices and Salaries includes three different quotations, namely for temporary, permanent and consultancy services. Besides, it is possible to add new ones according to your specific needs.

Is it possible to create quotations and invoices for the permanent?2018-12-13T16:53:51+01:00

Our system allows you to create and manage both quotations and invoices even for the permanent.

Is it possible to customize TempData contracts?2018-12-13T16:54:11+01:00

TempData allows you to import all the collective contracts on both federal and cantonal level. With our solution, it is possible to customize and create new contracts as well.

Can the solution provide tax calculation at source in an automatic way?2020-04-28T10:42:18+02:00

Ngage Invoices and Salaries includes an automatic calculation system, which takes into account balances as well.

Who can manage time attendance?2018-12-13T16:54:58+01:00

Working hours can be managed from anyone who can access the system. Additionally, you can directly entrust both candidates and clients with the time attendance management.

Does the tool already provide with any preconfigured elements? Should I set all contents by myself?2020-04-28T11:02:51+02:00

The tool has already been preconfigured to make all basic contents at your disposal.

Can I manage invoices and salaries only on a monthly basis?2020-04-28T11:33:41+02:00

Our solution allows you to create and manage both invoices and salaries when you want, according to your specific needs.

Is it possible to migrate old contracts into the new system?2020-04-28T11:34:33+02:00

Our solution allows you to have your old contracts and data migrated into the new software, regardless of their volume.

Can I manage down payments?2020-04-28T11:01:22+02:00

The administration module enables you to quantify down payments and to include them in the payroll. Besides, the system takes payroll taxes into account, which have to be calculated or not.