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Why Ngage Quotations and Invoices

Administration module for the Italian market

Ngage Quotations and Invoices is the integrative module developed for meeting the needs of the Italian market in the administration management.

The administration module is an integrative part of the operational Ngage, which, together with the ATS, the CRM module, the agenda and the reporting tools allows you to manage all the HR processes from recruiting to employee management.

Indeed, the administration module helps you manage quotations, active contracts, employee time and attendance and invoicing.

How it works

Reserved area

The system provides both the client and the candidate with a personal area to manage all their activities and documents.

In the personal area, the client can manage all the different documents, such as contracts and invoices.

In the personal area, the candidate can monitor all those activities related to job ads and applications, as well as manages all the documents.

Key features

File extraction for the payroll office

The system allows you to extract, in the proper format, all the files for the data exchange with your payroll office, such as the registry, movgio and fogpre.

Part of our internal IT team is in charge of this particular task in order to guarantee prompt assistance when needed.

COB extraction

Along with the extractions for the payroll office, the system allows you to extract all the files for the mandatory information (COB).

Different level timesheet management

A key function that gives both the client and the employee the possibility to easily manage the timesheet by themselves.

Employee’s absence module

The administration tool allows the employee to manage the absence module promptly and in real time, by entering her/his personal area at any time.

Ngage – Staffing CRM Software

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In which languages is the software made available? Can we have it in additional languages?2020-04-15T19:52:02+02:00

Our technology is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. If you need an additional language, you can submit your request to us and we will verify that possibility.

Is this solution easy-to-use? Can I rely on the customer service support?2020-04-15T19:52:58+02:00

Our tools are all very easy to use. You can rely on our internal customer service if you need more information or help. Besides, we are at your disposal at any time to schedule demos and training sessions to help you and provide you with after sales support.

Can I migrate my current database into the new software?2020-04-15T19:53:20+02:00

Our solution allows us to migrate your old database into the software, by simply importing your candidate’s data regardless of their volumes. The migration process will help you preserve the recorded data, which we can import according to your request.

Where is the software hosted? Where is our data hosted?2020-04-15T19:53:50+02:00

Your data is hosted in Switzerland. We guarantee data protection and security as well as the highest performance level under any circumstances.

Is there an on-premise edition of your software solution?2020-04-15T19:54:05+02:00

Our solutions are all cloud and prevent companies from having a dedicated infrastructure and from being charged with additional costs for software maintenance. In exceptional cases or when requested by company policies, we can deliver you an on-premise edition of our software, so that it can be hosted on your company server.

Are you GDPR compliant?2020-04-15T19:54:23+02:00

All our solutions are 100% GDPR compliant in order to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member countries.

Is the software customizable?2020-04-15T19:54:37+02:00

As the software is developed internally, we can provide our clients with highly tailored solutions as far as layout and features are concerned. You can submit your customization requests to our team, we will be glad to satisfy them.

What happens with our data should we decide not to renew the software licence?2020-04-15T19:50:46+02:00

All data stored in your software are your own property, as we also specify in the licence agreement. Should you decide not to renew the licence, we will give you all your data back.