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What is the Quotations and Invoices module (Italian market)

It is the additional administrative module to Ngage Staffing Agency Software (for the Italian market) that allows Employment Agencies to create in an integrated way different types of quotes for customers, – both for temporary and permanent work – management the insertion of hours and billing connected to the payroll system (in order to take advantage of the invoice at real cost for a correct VAT return).
In addition, there are mandatory communications and administrative reporting for complete management. All in one all-in-one software, 100% GDPR compliant.

Features and benefits of an administrative module

1. Quotes Temp and Perm

The system offers the possibility to create and customize quotes according to the customer’s needs and in compliance with the agency’s corporate policies; the structure is simple and intuitive, also thanks to the use of pre-loaded models.
With Ngage you have complete visibility of the calculation flow, from the monthly remuneration up to the hourly rate passing through the detail of each remuneration and contribution item. The administrative module also provides the possibility to customize the commercial settings (customer absenteeism, absenteeism%, accrual revaluation and accrual re-invoicing) and the rate for each pay item.

2. CCNL configuration and pay items

Our Staffing Agency Software allows: a complete management of the CCNL (with mapping of dividers, pay elements, pay levels and pay items), an extension of contractual renewals (with automatic adjustment of estimates and contracts by storing all contractual and remuneration data) , the ability to build payroll items and shape their impact on an external payroll system, 100% integrated with Zucchetti’s payroll project, and on the internal billing system and the definition of cost calculation and exemption rules.

3. Commercial policies

It is possible to carry out margin checks on the estimate (with a centralized company policy configuration system) and blocking checks in the event of limits being exceeded. The system also allows you to customize the control parameters down to the individual user level.

4. Creation of contracts

The module allows the management of the entire contracting process (from the creation of drafts to the formalization and signing of contracts).
The system integrates all the controls and constraints dictated by current legislation, with the possibility for the system administrator to modulate the parameters according to the derogations provided for the different types of contract: stipulate stabilized contract, assignment letter, availability allowance, integration with payroll systems and ministerial requirements.

5. Multilevel hours management

A key function that allows the client and candidate to manage the hours bulletin and directly enter the attendance in the system.
The module allows the loading of hourly and amount items (e.g. canteen tickets), with automatic compilation on days covered by absence events.
It is also possible to have the customer validate the timesheets through his reserved area.

6. Absence form

This is the form for recording absence events and any extensions (relapses or continuations). The entry of each event generates an automatic e-mail notification to the customer contact and the company contact associated with the contract. The software allows you to add additional recipients to whom to notify the data of the event just uploaded.
The timesheet is automatically filled in by the system on the days covered by the absence event.

7. Payroll office drawings

The module allows you to extract personal data and attendance in order to feed the payroll software with the information necessary to generate coupons and LUL. Through a data versioning system, it is also possible to extract monthly changes, both at the level of the registry and at the level of the employment relationship.
We provide a part of our IT office that is dedicated to this type of processing in order to guarantee timely assistance.

8. Cob

The system integrates the latest version of the ministerial layouts for mandatory telematic communications in XML format; with a single process it is able to generate 3 different .ZIP archives containing respectively the hires, extensions and terminations occurred in the reference period. Stabilization contracts are also managed within the RECRUITMENT and DISCLOSURE archive.

The software also supports the following transformations: time changes and stabilization in mission constancy.

9. FEA

In collaboration with ANDXOR, we provide the advanced electronic signature process. The system manages the activation of the signature agreements, the generation of documents and metadata through which customer and worker can sign contracts. Access to the signature system is facilitated by an SSO that allows you to open the signature portal directly from your private area.

10. Electronic invoicing at real cost and accrual revaluation

The module is able to import costs from the pay system for billing at real cost and the balances of accrued revaluations in order to invoice the increase in cost and not lose margins. The documents are exportable in XML format and can be sent to the SDI independently by the Employment Agency.

11. Customer area for invoices, contracts and attendances

The system provides a reserved area where the customer can view contracts and invoices and validate the timesheets of their administrators.

12. Report of the theoretical and real margin

The report compares the turnover with the real costs and the estimated costs, showing the marginality in percentage and in absolute value. It is thus possible to compare the theoretical margin foreseen in the estimate with the real margin realized (definable as “first margin” or “gross profit”).

13. IRAP and regulatory reports

By importing the detailed real costs per account, the system is able to produce, in the form of a table (Excel file), the data useful for the IRAP declaration of the clients of the agency. It is possible to extract data for a single customer or, with a single operation, to generate IRAP data for all customers active in the reference period.
The system generates an Excel file for each customer. The company name is shown in the file name.

Check out Ngage administrative module

Visit the demo area of the Ngage administrative module: find out how to manage quotes, billing and timesheets within a single Staffing Business Software.

A real simulation of what Ngage has to offer!


Discover all the features and benefits of using a cloud software designed and developed to meet the needs of employment agencies.

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Ngage Quotations and Invoices (IT) FAQ

Why should I choose the CRM software Ngage?2018-12-13T16:46:43+01:00

Ngage is a comprehensive software solution especially developed for staffing agencies. It combines all the tools a staffing agency needs to manage clients and contact people, to create new business opportunities and process the applicant search of which they are in charge.

Why having an all-in-one solution?2018-12-13T16:47:03+01:00

Having an all-in-one solution for applicant and customer relationship management enables you to gain a great competitive advantage in the marketplace. The acquisition of a client or an opportunity is connected to the search for applicants and the entire process is tracked both in applicants’ and in clients’ profiles.

Can I have Ngage integrated with other tools?2018-12-13T16:47:42+01:00

Ngage can be easily integrated with other tools as well as with job boards and recruiting platforms, enabling you to benefit from a 360-degree management of the entire HR process.

Can I have the CRM module without the ATS?2018-12-13T16:50:13+01:00

The CRM and ATS modules are provided together to guarantee a complete and effective management of the entire selection process. Otherwise, it would not be possible to link clients and/or opportunities to any HR process.

Can you provide a tool for employee administration as well?2018-12-13T16:50:49+01:00

Combined with our ATS and CRM solution, we provide an edition of Ngage, which also contains a module for employee administration. This specific module will help you manage client relationship, invoicing, contracts and employees’ time and attendance with just one tool.

In which languages is the software made available? Can we have it in additional languages?2020-04-15T19:52:02+02:00

Our technology is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. If you need an additional language, you can submit your request to us and we will verify that possibility.

Is this solution easy-to-use? Can I rely on the customer service support?2020-04-15T19:52:58+02:00

Our tools are all very easy to use. You can rely on our internal customer service if you need more information or help. Besides, we are at your disposal at any time to schedule demos and training sessions to help you and provide you with after sales support.

Can I migrate my current database into the new software?2020-04-15T19:53:20+02:00

Our solution allows us to migrate your old database into the software, by simply importing your candidate’s data regardless of their volumes. The migration process will help you preserve the recorded data, which we can import according to your request.

Where is the software hosted? Where is our data hosted?2020-04-15T19:53:50+02:00

Your data is hosted in Switzerland. We guarantee data protection and security as well as the highest performance level under any circumstances.

Is there an on-premise edition of your software solution?2020-04-15T19:54:05+02:00

Our solutions are all cloud and prevent companies from having a dedicated infrastructure and from being charged with additional costs for software maintenance. In exceptional cases or when requested by company policies, we can deliver you an on-premise edition of our software, so that it can be hosted on your company server.

Are you GDPR compliant?2020-04-15T19:54:23+02:00

All our solutions are 100% GDPR compliant in order to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member countries.

Is the software customizable?2020-04-15T19:54:37+02:00

As the software is developed internally, we can provide our clients with highly tailored solutions as far as layout and features are concerned. You can submit your customization requests to our team, we will be glad to satisfy them.

What happens with our data should we decide not to renew the software licence?2020-04-15T19:50:46+02:00

All data stored in your software are your own property, as we also specify in the licence agreement. Should you decide not to renew the licence, we will give you all your data back.