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What is a Staffing Agency Software


Single solutionsAll-in-one

A software developed for recruiting firms and staffing agencies that is able to cover the entire operational process with a single solution: Staffing Business Software all-in-one. All the features of Talentum – Applicant Ranking System, e.g. the modern version of an Applicant Tracking System), and a CRM module specifically designed to manage job orders and leads are available within the solution.

The software also includes a reporting system for measuring recruiting KPIs, which is useful for developing data-driven strategies, and an agenda, which can be integrated with external calendars for a complete tracking of information.

Reduce recruiting and selection times by simplifying customer interaction

Ngage reduces the time for recruiting and selecting candidates by 50%, to quickly provide a short list to present to clients.

With Ngage you can manage the relationship with your customer, you can track the feedback received and simplify your hired candidates management, allowing an improvement of up to 85% of the management of the entire process.

Features and benefits of a Staffing Agency Software

1. Applicant Ranking System

Ngage includes all the features of Talentum for the management of the recruiting, selection and onboarding processes: automatic CV screening via AI and semantic engine, job multiposting, automated and real-time video interviews, soft and hard skill tests, complete tracking of information, candidate area with the possibility to attach documents, photos and videos, CV videos and all GDPR consents.

2. Customer database management, offices and contact people

CRM allows you to manage all customer information concerning active clients, prospect and suspect companies from a single application, keeping all company data, size, sites and contact people for each branch.

3. Multimailing

It is possible to send individual emails to customers or mass emails. Once the list of recipients has been defined, you can start creating a message, inserting text and any attachments and defining the sending time. The system also allows sending CV preview lists of the candidates available in the database as a suggestion and commercial proposal.

4. Dashboard of job orders, leads

All commercial information is collected in a specific section within the client’s profile. You can easily check all current job orders, by site and by recruiter, those successfully or unsuccessfully closed.
The system allows downloading data, which provides an overview of the company recruiting performance, e.g. after when the first candidate’s summary is sent to the client.

5. Candidate’s summary

Sending the profile of candidates to clients has never been so easy. Through the profile configurator it is possible to decide what can be made visibile to the client: photos, videos, tests, professional and personal evaluation and CV with unencrypted or with obscured personal data. The customer will receive an email with one or more links, which are activated with an auto-login, to view the profiles received.

6. Proposed candidate

When your client starts a difficult candidate search, it is possible to set it in the system and decide whether a notification should be directly sent to the client or to the recruiter, once a new suitable candidate has registered at the database. In this case, the profile will be presented as a preview and without any personal data; at that point, the customer only has to call the branch to schedule an appointment with the candidate.

7. Job radar

Ngage gathers together the job offers published on the main portals and keeps them for 90 days on its server. Almost in real time the consultants within the staffing agency can view both the latest job offers suitable for their research, and therefore referring to the same pool of talents, and the candidate research on which their competitors are working.

8. Client’s personal area

A personal area can be created for each client where all the candidates’ profiles received are always available through multimailing, candidate’s summary sending and the “proposed candidate” method.

9. Agenda and information tracking

An agenda integrated into the system allows all recruiter, client and candidate’s activities to be tracked. The agenda can be synchronized with third-party tools, such as: Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple Calendar.

10. Commercial and selection KPIs

The reporting module is able to provide all recruiting analytics, including candidates on board divided by recruiting source, recruiting and selection KPIs and all commercial KPIs concerning visits, calls and offers.
It is possible to query the database by period, site and recruiter and define a data-driven strategy based on this information.

11. Recruiting analytics

A reporting system allows data-driven evaluations of the different stages of the selection processes. In addition to the personal data, it is possible to view candidates by geographical area and origin, status of their profiles, recruitment by source of origin and to analyze the recruiting activities carried out by each recruiter towards the candidates.

12. Live chat and video call with contacts and candidates

Communication with the customer does not only take place via email but also through a video communication system involving the use of live chats and video calls. Unlike other solutions, there is no need to download any third-party software: chats and videos work via the browser. Conversations and recordings can be saved within the system as activities carried out for a complete tracking and in the form of files containing the history of what is shared, both in written and in spoken form.

13. Custom API

Ngage can be customized according to your needs in terms of new features and/or integrations with third-party software via API, which are standard or created ad hoc for the needs of each individual staffing agency.

Discover Ngage

Visit the demo area of our Staffing Agency Software: find out how to upload CVs and personal data within the system by filling out a simple form and consult the job offers list in the software.

A real simulation of what Ngage is!


Discover all the features and benefits of using software solutions based on AI and Machine Learning and especially developed for the HR world.

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Staffing Agency Software FAQ

Why should I choose the CRM software Ngage?2018-12-13T16:46:43+01:00

Ngage is a comprehensive software solution especially developed for staffing agencies. It combines all the tools a staffing agency needs to manage clients and contact people, to create new business opportunities and process the applicant search of which they are in charge.

Why having an all-in-one solution?2018-12-13T16:47:03+01:00

Having an all-in-one solution for applicant and customer relationship management enables you to gain a great competitive advantage in the marketplace. The acquisition of a client or an opportunity is connected to the search for applicants and the entire process is tracked both in applicants’ and in clients’ profiles.

Can I have Ngage integrated with other tools?2018-12-13T16:47:42+01:00

Ngage can be easily integrated with other tools as well as with job boards and recruiting platforms, enabling you to benefit from a 360-degree management of the entire HR process.

Can I have the CRM module without the ATS?2018-12-13T16:50:13+01:00

The CRM and ATS modules are provided together to guarantee a complete and effective management of the entire selection process. Otherwise, it would not be possible to link clients and/or opportunities to any HR process.

Can you provide a tool for employee administration as well?2018-12-13T16:50:49+01:00

Combined with our ATS and CRM solution, we provide an edition of Ngage, which also contains a module for employee administration. This specific module will help you manage client relationship, invoicing, contracts and employees’ time and attendance with just one tool.

In which languages is the software made available? Can we have it in additional languages?2020-04-15T19:52:02+02:00

Our technology is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. If you need an additional language, you can submit your request to us and we will verify that possibility.

Is this solution easy-to-use? Can I rely on the customer service support?2020-04-15T19:52:58+02:00

Our tools are all very easy to use. You can rely on our internal customer service if you need more information or help. Besides, we are at your disposal at any time to schedule demos and training sessions to help you and provide you with after sales support.

Can I migrate my current database into the new software?2020-04-15T19:53:20+02:00

Our solution allows us to migrate your old database into the software, by simply importing your candidate’s data regardless of their volumes. The migration process will help you preserve the recorded data, which we can import according to your request.

Where is the software hosted? Where is our data hosted?2020-04-15T19:53:50+02:00

Your data is hosted in Switzerland. We guarantee data protection and security as well as the highest performance level under any circumstances.

Is there an on-premise edition of your software solution?2020-04-15T19:54:05+02:00

Our solutions are all cloud and prevent companies from having a dedicated infrastructure and from being charged with additional costs for software maintenance. In exceptional cases or when requested by company policies, we can deliver you an on-premise edition of our software, so that it can be hosted on your company server.

Are you GDPR compliant?2020-04-15T19:54:23+02:00

All our solutions are 100% GDPR compliant in order to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member countries.

Is the software customizable?2020-04-15T19:54:37+02:00

As the software is developed internally, we can provide our clients with highly tailored solutions as far as layout and features are concerned. You can submit your customization requests to our team, we will be glad to satisfy them.

What happens with our data should we decide not to renew the software licence?2020-04-15T19:50:46+02:00

All data stored in your software are your own property, as we also specify in the licence agreement. Should you decide not to renew the licence, we will give you all your data back.