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Why Ngage

Record your activities and re-initiate your relationships with old clients

Ngage records the activities and meetings you arrange with your applicants and clients, which you can share with the other users. A reminder will send you an automated e-mail to remind you about your event hours and days.

A system will alert you if you have not contacted one of your clients for a long time and suggest you keep contact with them. That way you will not lose any business opportunity.

Software for the staffing industry

A software solution developed for selection and temporary staffing agencies, in order to manage:

Recruiting, head hunting as well as executive search
Temporary and permanent staffing
Try & Hire

The software consists of a CRM solution, an ATS, a section for administration, an agenda and a reporting system.

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The Applicant Tracking System allows entirely managing the processes of recruitment, selection, applicant assessment and sending the applicants’ profiles to clients.

With the CRM module it is possible to manage all customers’ profiles, their offices and contact people, activity planning, the feedback on the clients, alerts, opportunities, multimailing and quotations. It also includes a lead generator and allows doing competitive analysis.

The administration module helps manage active contracts, invoicing and employee time and attendance.

The agenda allows recording all the activities related to company’s customers and candidates or personal activities, which can be shared among the software users.

The reporting system enables to monitor the business performance and to get a report on clients, opportunities and emailing to external people.

How Ngage works

Reduce time-to-hire and simplify the interaction with your customers

Ngage makes recruiting and selection time decrease by 50%, so that you can quickly shortlist the best applicants to introduce to your clients.

It also helps you build the relationship with your clients, by keeping track of the feedback received and facilitating the management of the temps hired. Your organization will get 85% improve in the entire process management.

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Our solution can coexist with other software programs and can be connected to job boards and recruiting platforms, which allows you to benefit from high tech tools and use a more complete software solution.

It is compatible with other tools for human resource management, accounting and payroll solutions, in which it can be easily integrated.

Upon client’s request, other job boards can be added to the list of those provided through our automated multiposting channel. The connection through xml feeds is required.

Additional features

Candidate’s summary sharing

Ngage is an all-in-one and fully connected solution, which enables you to easily manage the entire HR process. You can indeed create a “candidate’s summary” to share with your clients, consisting of a job title describing the profile you are looking for, some text boxes where you can write your evaluation on the candidate and the CV extraction. Otherwise you can make the original CV visible. In addition, you can attach the applicant’s video CV, the video interview, all test results as well as further documents.

The candidate’s summary is interactive and easy to share with your clients through a link via e-mail, which they can access to leave their feedback and comments on the candidate. The feedback is tracked and saved in the candidate’s and client’s profiles.

Personal area

Applicants and clients are provided with a personal area to access the software and be updated on the entire process. Candidates can find the job adverts they applied for and attach their personal documents. Clients can keep track of the resumes received and see all contracts.


Multimailing enables you to send mass e-mails to candidates and clients directly from the software. You just create and set lists of recipients with names, write a mass e-mail and select which list you want to send it to.

Lead generator

A lead generation tool identifies customers’ interests and organizations or companies in search of personnel. Lead generator allows you to know what the latest job adverts online are, as well as the openings on which your competitors are working.

Ngage – Staffing CRM Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ngage is a software solution especially developed for staffing agencies. It combines all the tools a staffing agency needs to manage clients and contact people, to create new business opportunities and record the mandates of which they are in charge.

Having an all-in-one solution for applicant and customer relationship management enables you to gain a great competitive advantage in the marketplace. The acquisition of a client or an opportunity is connected to the search for applicants and the entire process is tracked both in applicants’ and in clients’ profiles.

Our solution allows you us to migrate your old database into the software, by simply importing the data of both your clients and candidates regardless of their volumes. The migration process will help you preserve the recorded data, which we can import according to your request.

Ngage can be easily integrated with other tools and can be connected to job boards and recruiting platforms, enabling you to benefit from a 360-degree management of the entire HR process.

The CRM and ATS modules are provided together in order to guarantee a complete and effective management of the whole selection process. Otherwise, it would not be possible to link clients and/or opportunities to any HR process.

Combined with our ATS and CRM solution, we are able to provide an edition of Ngage, which also contains a module for employee administration. This specific module will help you manage client relationship, invoicing, contracts and employees’ time and attendance with just one tool.
As the software is developed internally, we can provide our clients with highly tailored solutions as far as layout and features are concerned. You can submit your customization requests to our team, we will be glad to satisfy them.

Our technology is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. If you need an additional language, you can submit your request to us and we will verify that possibility.

Our tools are all very easy to use and manage. You can always refer to our internal customer service whether you need more information or help. Besides, we are always at your disposal to schedule demos and training sessions to help you and support you after sales.

Our solutions are all cloud and prevent companies from having a dedicated infrastructure and from being charged with additional costs for software maintenance. In exceptional cases or when requested by company policies, we can deliver you an on-premise edition of our software, so that it can be hosted on your company server.

Your data is hosted in Switzerland. We guarantee data protection and security as well as the highest performance level under any circumstances.

All our solutions are 100% GDPR compliant in order to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states.

All data stored in your software are your own property, as we also specify in the licence agreement. Should you decide not to renew the licence, we will give you all your data back.