Post COVID-19 scenario: what will happen next?

News | 27.04.2020 The management of the pandemic from a medical point of view is undoubtedly the most important aspect that we are experiencing, but this lockdown must not slow us down; we must be r [...]

Seventh episode FridayTech | Video recruiting

Automated video interviews help the HR department to optimize candidate selection and pre-selection time. In Arca24 we have developed two different video recruiting systems: a web platform dedicat [...]

How the work of staffing agencies changes with Covid-19

Staffing Agency | 16.04.2020 In this period of worldwide lockdown, recruitment companies and employment agencies are under great stress. If some sectors (e.g. retail) are completely stopped, others [...]

All-in-one: the best choice for a Staffing Agency Software

Staffing Agency | 09.04.2020 Staffing management software is a main tool for Employment Agencies. Unlike the impact that an ATS software, for example, can have on a corporate - representing only one [...]

Integration with Bandyer: live chat and video calls within our systems

News | 30.03.2020 Thanks to the integration with Bandyer, we are able to provide you with a collaborative video communication system - within our HR software - that allows you to start chats and liv [...]

Talent Acquisition, Recruiting and Employer Branding: differences and implementations

News | 23.03.2020 Talent acquisition, recruiting and employer branding are terms that are often put together and sometimes used as synonyms; however, these are disciplines quite definite from each [...]

Time-to-hire: how to reduce selection times

News | 26.03.2020 Time-to-hire is the time that elapses between the moment in which we define the need to acquire a talent to the one in which the profile is physically hired. In the absence of sup [...]

Recruiting Marketing: a new way of thinking and acting

News | 25.03.2020 In the field of Recruiting it is often discussed how much the professions are changing, becoming increasingly “fluid” and therefore not easily attributable to specific categories. [...]

Data-driven Recruiting and HR Analytics

News | 24.03.2020 The last decade has been characterized by one of the deepest and pervasive evolutions of the digital world: big data management. In an increasingly global and interconnected world [...]

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in the world of Recruiting

News | 20.03.2020 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to the HR sector are topics becoming more and more popular nowadays. However, we don’t often know enough about it to be able t [...]