How the work of staffing agencies changes with Covid-19

Staffing Agency | 16.04.2020 In this period of worldwide lockdown, recruitment companies and employment agencies are under great stress. If some sectors (e.g. retail) are completely stopped, others [...]

All-in-one: the best choice for a Staffing Agency Software

Staffing Agency | 09.04.2020 Staffing management software is a main tool for Employment Agencies. Unlike the impact that an ATS software, for example, can have on a corporate - representing only one [...]

Personal Swiss: HR meeting 2019

On 2-3 April, we have participated for the third year as exhibitors in Personal Swiss, the most important trade fair in Zurich designed for human resources, recruitment solutions and corporate traini [...]

StartCup Ticino – Chatbot tool for automatic job interview

Arca24 specialises in Human Resources software. We are not a traditional IT company because we focus on the software development that helps humans to do their job not only when they are working on i [...]

CB1-18, the robot that selects applicants

If you really know, you can imagine that we do not only focus on developing software solutions to optimize HR processes. We constantly look at the future. On the one hand we keep on suppor [...]