5 HR challenges for 2019

All those strategies HR managers use to recruit and retain employees are constantly evolving, with new trends arising and growing each year. Keep up with these new trends has become quite essential t [...]

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Soft skills? Discover them with us!

Today, a set of transversal skills is becoming more and more important in successfully meeting the labor market, together with strictly professional ones. We are talking about the so-called “soft ski [...]

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Your challenge, our technology!

Arca24 has a new look! Starting from today we are online with our new website, designed for transferring not only a clear image of our solutions for the optimization of the entire HR process, but al [...]

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5 rules to choose a software

After 3 years since I have started to sell software and many years during which I bought them, today I would like to give you five easy-to-follow rules to choose a software. These are general rules [...]