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Why Talentum

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Manage your activities
and archive documents

With Talentum you can track all activities, irrespective of whether they are carried out by the users or by the system automatically. All users can view and share those activities at any time.

Document management is easier with Talentum. You can attach documents to candidates’ profiles, where they will be saved together with their original CV, the related contracts and assessment.

Software for applicant management

An applicant tracking system delivered via a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, which allows managing recruiting, applicants, selection and assessment processes.


The power of the system not only is its capability to recruit the best candidates, but also is that of ranking them thanks to a semantic engine which is able to read job ads and CV contents and match them.

The candidate ranking is not only focused on those candidates looking for a job, but also on those who have already registered at the organization’s applicant database.

The system browses the database automatically and includes those candidates who match with the search criteria in the results.

Talentum creates added value for business, thanks to the interactive database provided, by shortening and optimizing the selection process. Moreover, it tracks the candidate’s career path.

How Talentum works

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Recruit more
and reduce time-to-hire

Talentum makes your recruitment increase by 45% thanks to an integrated multiposting tool, which spreads job vacancies from your career page on job boards and social networks online.

It also reduces time-to-hire by 50%, which in turn will enable you to quickly shortlist the applicants and achieve a more effective hiring process.


Our solution can coexist with other software programs and can be integrated with job boards and recruiting platforms, which allows you to benefit from high tech tools and use a more complete software solution.

It is compatible with other tools for human resource management, accounting and payroll solutions, in which it can be easily integrated.

Upon client’s request, new job boards can be added to the list of those provided through our automated multiposting channel. The connection through xml feeds is required.

Additional features

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Video recruiting

Applicants can easily access video sessions and record video interviews on their tablets or smartphones.

This feature is responsive and user-friendly both for users and for applicants, which they can access on any device.

Language proficiency tests

You can request your applicants to answer a language test provided by Language Centre in order to evaluate their proficiency levels. Our technology overcomes language barriers: the test is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Soft skills tests

Thanks to Professione Lavoro, Eegup and Arca24, you can evaluate candidates’ soft skills. These tests will enable you to have a deeper and more complete insight into the potential hire, allowing a better and improved talent management.


Our solutions partner with Atti2de, providing a videogame based on a sophisticated algorithm able to define the attitudinal profile of the player, which enables you to digitally engage and motivate people during the recruitment process.


Why should I choose the Applicant Ranking System Talentum?2020-04-16T15:35:16+02:00

Talentum provides you with a complete and useful database of CVs, of which you have exclusive property. It is a user-friendly system that enables you to easily manage all the selection processes with just one tool, resulting in a significant time-to-hire reduction.

My organization already uses job boards to manage the open positions; why should I have Talentum?2020-03-26T15:07:49+01:00

Thanks to our integrated multiposting tool, you can post job ads on your organization’s career page and automatically repost them into job boards and social networks. This way you will be provided with a 360-degree and more effective management of the open positions.

Is it helpful to use an ATS if I already share my job ads on LinkedIn?2020-03-26T15:08:31+01:00

LinkedIn is an efficient communication channel but it cannot replace an ATS; it can be used combined with the ATS to improve recruitment instead. You can indeed use LinkedIn to make your job ads more visible and Talentum to gather and manage all the applications for an improved and successful talent management.

What kind of assessments tools are included in Talentum?2020-03-26T15:07:37+01:00

Talentum helps directly interact with candidates, by offering users integrated assessment tools such as tests, gaming and video recruiting.

With just one click users can request their applicants to answer some tests to evaluate the candidates’ language proficiency levels as well as their soft skills. Soft skills can also be evaluated with an innovative gaming tool, which is able to define the attitudinal profile of the player thanks to “engagement” and “distraction”. Candidates actually do not focus on the answers they are giving while playing and are more likely to spontaneously reveal themselves and their personal attitudes. Talentum also provides video recruiting tools, such as the video CV and the time deferred video interview platforms. Users will only need to write their questions – or use one of their pre-filled questionnaires – and set the time available to answer.

How does the matching between job ads and CVs work?2020-04-09T18:38:27+02:00

Once users have posted a job ad, our semantic engine, is able to detect the related duties and tasks and to rank the applicants based on the professional skills included in their resumes. SkillSkan highlights the skills detected in the CVs that match with the job position, even though the texts were written in a different way. The software is able to analyze sentences logically as well.

How can I improve employer branding with Talentum?2020-03-26T15:07:24+01:00

Talentum allows you to create a personalized career page and to promote your working environment on the web. This way you will be able to optimize your reputation as employer in the eyes of new potential applicants. Besides, having an attracting career page with an Applicant Tracking System helps improve your website index in the web and give your brand improved awareness.

In which languages is the software made available? Can we have it in additional languages?2020-04-15T19:52:02+02:00

Our technology is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. If you need an additional language, you can submit your request to us and we will verify that possibility.

Is this solution easy-to-use? Can I rely on the customer service support?2020-04-15T19:52:58+02:00

Our tools are all very easy to use. You can rely on our internal customer service if you need more information or help. Besides, we are at your disposal at any time to schedule demos and training sessions to help you and provide you with after sales support.

Can I migrate my current database into the new software?2020-04-15T19:53:20+02:00

Our solution allows us to migrate your old database into the software, by simply importing your candidate’s data regardless of their volumes. The migration process will help you preserve the recorded data, which we can import according to your request.

Where is the software hosted? Where is our data hosted?2020-04-15T19:53:50+02:00

Your data is hosted in Switzerland. We guarantee data protection and security as well as the highest performance level under any circumstances.

Is there an on-premise edition of your software solution?2020-04-15T19:54:05+02:00

Our solutions are all cloud and prevent companies from having a dedicated infrastructure and from being charged with additional costs for software maintenance. In exceptional cases or when requested by company policies, we can deliver you an on-premise edition of our software, so that it can be hosted on your company server.

Are you GDPR compliant?2020-04-15T19:54:23+02:00

All our solutions are 100% GDPR compliant in order to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member countries.

Is the software customizable?2020-04-15T19:54:37+02:00

As the software is developed internally, we can provide our clients with highly tailored solutions as far as layout and features are concerned. You can submit your customization requests to our team, we will be glad to satisfy them.

What happens with our data should we decide not to renew the software licence?2020-04-15T19:50:46+02:00

All data stored in your software are your own property, as we also specify in the licence agreement. Should you decide not to renew the licence, we will give you all your data back.

How is the user experience as a candidate?2020-04-08T16:49:10+02:00

Talentum is a user-friendly tool for both companies and candidates. Applicants can indeed apply through a one-step application form very easily: they will only need to fill few personal details and attach their CVs and they will be automatically matched to the compatible job ads.

Is it possible to carry out searches without publishing any job ads?2020-04-23T12:56:15+02:00

Yes, it is possible to search the candidate database at any time. By performing a search by professional title, it is possible to use the semantic search engine to find the candidates who correspond to a specific job title, and therefore to the relative tasks, for a bidirectional matching between job offers and candidates. These searches can be saved, which allows having always updated folders with the new candidates corresponding to the selected parameters. The search can be performed on all candidates within the database, on the candidates registered to your ads or on those for which an evaluation has been added.

Are statistics available for checking the KPIs of the selection processes?2020-04-23T12:53:23+02:00

Within the system we have a module dedicated to statistics that allows you to view reports relating to ads posted and current searches or check the activities entered by recruiters. Furthermore, statistics on the registered candidates are available for each job, which allow for example to understand the origin of the applications. You can even consult the details related to your database (total number of candidates, assessed candidates, country/domicile, etc.) at any time.

How does AI matching work in terms of candidate experience?2020-04-23T12:37:26+02:00

AI matching software is an easy-to-use tool on both the company and candidate sides. Candidates can actually apply by filling out a form: they can easily enter their personal data and attach their CV. Our semantic system will define the compatibility of the profile with the job offer.