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Skillskan – Skills Matching Intelligence

Skillskan is a Skill Matching Intelligence, namely a semantic search engine available as a web service, which contains thousands of job descriptions and can read and classify documents such as CVs and job offers, to understand the meaning of the texts and automatically rank the search results.

How Skillskan works:

CViewr – CV Parsing

CViewr is a tool for CV parsing, which analyzes CVs contents and processes applicants’ details. It is able to extract specific information concerning the candidates’ work experiences and the most relevant ones from the CVs, by detecting the duration of each single job and the most recent ones through statistical indicators of the average duration of work experiences and of the rate between jobs and their duration. Our parser’s goal is to identify the relevance of candidates’ work experiences, in order to provide customers with the best applicant shortlist.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the science aimed at seeking to provide knowledge to computers through data and information in the form of observations and real-world interactions. That acquired knowledge allows computers to correctly generalize to new settings. Thanks to machine learning, our team are able to steadily work to improve and strengthen our semantic engine, which results in a more accurate matching between candidates and job ads. Indeed, in a labour market continuously subject to changes, it is essential to keep up with new jobs and tasks, which arise day-by-day.