With artificial intelligence, the passive candidate does not exist


AI Matching | 21.05.2020

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We have always been used to a clear distinction between the active candidate – the one who applies to a job offer – and the passive candidate – that is, the one available who, however, does not show any concrete interest.

1. Two distinct, separate actions that belong to a single process

To understand how artificial intelligence changes this paradigm, we must first retrace the actions that we carry out every day in the management of the active candidate and in the passive one.

Regardless of whether we are working on a portal or on an Applicant Tracking System, the actions we carry out are two:

      1. screening candidates who have applied to the job offer (active candidates);

    1. search within the CV database – according to the chosen principles – the profiles that we consider interesting (passive candidates).

2. The importance to have an integrated talent acquisition strategy

It is clear that working in two environments to carry out a single strategic activity does not represent an optimization of our energies.

The situation can get worse if, for example, we do not have an integrated multiposting system but we have to deal with many different and separate work spaces.

We know the importance of passive candidates, who often represent the profiles most in line with our needs; the real challenge is to be able to enhance them and exploit their potential to the fullest.

Let’s see what happens

As soon as I publish a job offer, the matching engine scans the CV database in real-time, automatically associating all candidates in line with the search and sorting them by geographical area and skills. This involves a considerable reduction in selection times and costs for the recruiter who can thus immediately start with the profile screening phase without having to wait for spontaneous applications.
Once the candidates apply to the job offer, they will be included in a single list, together with the profiles identified in the CV database: a single talent pool will thus be created.
This will allow us to reduce work times but above all to build a complete and effective selection process.

The passive candidate in this way is always activated because he re-enters the process whenever his skills are interesting. The current system, having to replicate the research operation, risks losing important professional skills and in fact effective answers for our organizations.
By incorporating the two phases in a single step, we are no longer talking about the Applicant Tracking System but about the Applicant Ranking System, a new innovative tool that allows you to make the most of the candidate who from passive always remains an active resource.

If the problem is easy to see, the solution is not so obvious that over the years we got used to working in this way. Identifying the problem and trying to go a little further is in the DNA of Arca24 which since its birth has set itself as a perspective the reduction of selection time and the optimization of processes.

3. The role of technology

All Arca24 products include a powerful CV matching engine based on semantic artificial intelligence capable of reading and comparing CVs and job offers and automatically screening profiles, identifying the most compatible with the search.

This process is not done only on active candidates but also on passive ones (and therefore already present in your CV database).

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4. The advantages of using an Artificial Intelligence system

In general, AI systems have a more complex and articulated development but significantly lower the error rates compared to parsing CV.

In general, AI systems have a more complex and articulated development but significantly lower the error rates compared to parsing CV. Both will continue to evolve but it is quite clear if the understanding of a text – once elaborated – can only be refined, the parsing CV risks starting from scratch every time candidates decide to use new formats.
It is also necessary to ask ourselves, with respect to new technologies – such as video CVs – what future trends will be. Perhaps it will not happen in the short term, but already today most of the communication leans towards the video format, so it is not unlikely that in the not too distant future the traditional CV will be progressively replaced by a video CV.
The text of the video will be entrusted to the AI to understand the professionalism of the candidates. By radically changing the data collection methodology in talent acquisition processes, we could see the disappearance of the use of parsing CVs

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