Today begins our section on Digital Transformation in the world of HR.
The first episode of a journey along 24, in which we will tackle different topics; first of all, the combination of human resources and technology.

The first episode focuses on the Talent Acquisition, a theme that we will be developing in several steps; today specifically, we will talk about multiposting.

What is multiposting?

Multiposting is basically a link between two softwares: on the one hand we have a job portal – on which we can publish our offers – on the other a management software – typically an Applicant Tracking System – which we need to manage applications. Multiposting is the linking tool that allows you to join the two entities.

Why is multiposting important within the Talent Acquisition?

Every organization is constantly looking for bright talents with increasingly specialized profiles and finding them is often very complicated. Using tools such as multiposting means being able to amplify – within the web – research and therefore attract a greater number of candidates and thus have more opportunities to identify the desired profile.

What should you keep in mind when talking about multiposting?

When we talk about multiposting we are not simply talking about sending job offers from our management software to a job portal, but above all we are talking about receiving the application from the job portal to our management software.

If this is not the case, the recruiter – once the job offer has been published, through his own software and republished on multiple job portals – should go directly to each single portal chosen to check the applications received.


The acquisition of technology is neither good nor bad; it must be evaluated within a broader plan and above all according to each one needs.

We then need to develop a much broader overview and act with the right strategy, even when we are only focusing on a single aspect of the recruiting process, otherwise things could be much more complicated.