Career page

Create and customize your career page in a few minutes.

Insert images, videos, logo, description and corporate colours into your Career Page to provide brand continuity and facilitate the candidate user experience.

The career page can be linked to the company website in a simple and intuitive way, having any skills in the software development.

Employer Branding

Communicate your brand identity clearly to make it recognizable.

Candidate Experience

Make the experience of candidates who come into contact with your company unique.

Talent acquisition

A research study by the World Economic Forum found that three out of four companies are unable to find the profiles they are looking for, a figure that is 120% higher than ten years ago and shows no sign of stopping. How to tackle this problem?

Simple and intuitive publication

You can post a new job offer directly from your personal area in a few minutes.

LinkedIn connection

An integrated multiposting system allows the job offer to be posted on LinkedIn as well.

Unique talent pool

JobArch provides for the collection of all applications received within the management system. In this way, the recruiter will not have to do data entry work from individual platforms, optimizing selection time and costs.

Searchable CV database

You can search for suitable profiles directly within the candidate database available on the platform.

Matching & ranking of candidates

cross-lingual matching

A built-in AI-based semantic matching system scans CVs and job offers (even when they are written in different languages).

Automatic ranking

The result is a ranking of candidates suitable for the search, which can be refined through selection filters (distance, education, personal data, etc.).


Integrated e-commerce

Start screening profiles now

For each new search, the semantic engine automatically matches all suitable profiles in the database and returns an initial pool of passive candidates on which the recruiter can start the selection process.

To contact a candidate, it is necessary to “unlock” the candidate’s profile. If the profile is “public,” the profile is immediately unlocked; if the profile is “private,” the user must send an unlock request to the candidate.


Are you a staffing firm?

JobArch has additional modules designed for the staffing industry that can be activated within the platform:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – a module developed to support permanent and temporary staffing organizations in the management of candidates and clients (master data and branches, management of projects and contracts).
  • Document management – a module that allows documents to be uploaded within the platform. All files are available within a dedicated section of the software and can be accessed and downloaded at any time.