Today we would like to give you five easy-to-follow rules to choose a recruiting software.

Rule No.1: the approach

Even before starting to search for a recruiting software, look at yourself in the mirror and ask: “why should I get a new recruiting software?” The implementation is never easy, even for the best software in the world, as it needs time, training, waste of energy, but most of all it requires an approach aimed at change.

The main point is actually: are you ready to change? Buying a new recruiting software has nothing to do with buying a new pair of shoes. If you are not ready to change the way you see and perceive things, processes, etc., do not buy a new recruiting software.

You are just wasting time and money. If you would like to buy a recruiting software, the only acceptable approach you should have, is the one aimed at changing the way you act instead of changing the software itself.

Rule No.2: the process

If you have a positive approach, do not search in the new recruiting software the exact copy of your current processes. If you are not willing to change the processes because you are convinced that they are already the best in world, there is no need to get a new recruiting software.

It is certainly reasonable to customize a recruiting software to make it more efficient, but at the same time, looking for the exact copy or trying to make it identical to the old processes is not a successful choice for sure. New things are helpful to improve ourselves: if we don’t want to improve, we don’t need new things.

Rule No.3: the digitalization

Look for a recruiting software that is able to do, and not to turn papers into digital records. Digitalization doesn’t mean “replace the closet”. Find a software able to do part of your job, especially the one with less added value. If a recruiting software leave you with the same amount of work to do, it is probably the wrong one. Digitalization should mean “time saving”.

Be careful, because very often the opportunity to manage part or the totality of the fields by yourself it is not has it seems to be (it’s a scam!). Excluding few exceptions that are really a specific need, this freedom is usually a chimaera. An efficient recruiting software is ready to work by itself: if it is not ready, it is not able to work by itself.

When I go to the dealer to buy a new car, they do not give me a rough one and tell me that I can paint it with the color I prefer. I choose the color I like for my new car and they give it to me ready to just start the engine and go.

Rule No.4: the price

If you have placed rule no. 4 at the top of your list, you are just losing time, even if you are a small business company. 1000$ can be too much and 30.000$ can be little; it depends on how much time it is possible to save. Digitalization and automation help where the price is just a useless number. The more you give importance to the price, the more you lose money. Besides, the bigger loss lies in indirect costs.

You can choose what has a lower cost, but without thinking that it could be the one that will generate higher costs and less result. Price is not an objective measure: try to focus on how much you can save. A recruiting software shouldn’t be valued considering its price, but its capability to give a better result, in less time and maybe even avoiding other direct costs. Pay attention, because many of you still ask for the price as a primary importance factor.

Rule No.5: the service

What about trainings, assistance, availability of customer service in short time and at what cost?

These are questions, to which it should be given the right importance. Post-sale service is an integral part of the choice. If you cannot avoid looking at the price, do it taking into consideration these fundamental aspects: here is where you play the game for a successful new software.

In conclusion, I would like to give you three pieces of advice:

Do not buy for the selling company, but for the product that it shows you. A well-known company doesn’t always mean innovation and functionality;
Buy a good-looking software. An ugly application can be discouraging, and you should also please the eye;
Get out of your head the internal production; it is as a bloodbath unless you are an IT company specialized in that sector.

Make a good decision!