how to use mobile devices in recruitment process

Recruiting software | April 1 st, 2022

Over the last few years, the usage of mobile devices for surfing on the internet has been considerably growing. Also the HR world and, in particular, recruitment and selection process is more and more considering the opportunities linked to this development, allowing the increase of your applicants’ pool.

In fact, over the last few years, the use of mobile devices for surfing on the internet and for the recruitment and selection process has been increasing. That’s why it’s important to understand how you can exploit this trend in order to reach a higher number of applicants and get a bigger pool of candidates.

mobile usage in HR world

Considering this data, also the use of mobile devices in the HR world is increasing. In this way, it’s possible to get faster HR processes and a greater employee involvement. How? For example, app for communication among colleagues, for fast access to cloud data and for the possibility to ask for days off. In particular, mobile devices are useful for the recruitment process, both for candidates and recruiters.

Downloading LinkedIn app or LinkedIn Job Search, using Indeed, Monster or other job boards’ apps, candidates can easily use smartphones and tablets to look for a job. Doing so, finding a job is more and more fast and immediate, as well as being possible everywhere at any time. In addition, recruiters can take advantage of this trend acceding intuitively and easily to applications.

This and other features are granted by JobARch, our recruiting software for small business. Using the multiposting engine, they allow recruiters to post ads on the most important Job boards (among the others Monster and Indeed) and on social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Xing) to which candidates can directly apply by mobile. In particular, it is possible to use the Facebook app to view and login to your company’s Facebook page and manage the ads you posted. Thanks to likes and shares, your applicant’s pool grow considerably, saving their data in your company’s database, available also for your next researches.

what about the paper resume?

Considering these new tools and the possibility to send and receive applications directly on mobile, one can figure out the destiny of less and less used paper CV. In fact, ATS allows to get faster information related to candidates and receive and save resumes in digital format (and to make them available for your customers in case of staffing companies) that are always available in each applicant’s profile. Agencies and companies can get a faster recruitment and selection process, without printing resumes.

In fact, using only one tool, they can be viewed at any time on the candidate’s profile and directly shared with your colleagues and customers. Doing so, it’s not necessary to receive paper CV or print resumes in order to share them with co-workers, making the talent acquisition more efficient. Therefore, Paper CV is going to disappear, substituted by its digital version and by ATS and CRM software

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JobArch is a recruiting software for SMEs and small staffing agencies, which offers a customized career page, multiposting on the best job boards, an ATS with automatic pre-screening and a resume bank.

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