Staffing management software is a main tool for Employment Agencies. Unlike the impact that an ATS software, for example, can have on a corporate – representing only one of the HR software of the entire corporate ecosystem – staffing management software is vital part of the core business for Employment Agencies.

Types of Staffing Agency Software

There are two types of Staffing Agency Software:

  • operational, ie those that cover the part relating to the search and selection and sending of the short list to the customer;
  • administrative, i.e. those that refer to the creation of quotes and contracts, the management of working hours and billing. Then there is the software to manage wages and the one for accounting (which however remains external to the core business process).

Main problems

What emerges is that several of the most digitalized companies must rely on at least 3 different software to cover the entire working ecosystem.
But there is a peculiarity that creates problems in terms of efficiency: software are often not integrated; they do not communicate with each other; the risk is to duplicate data entry activities. However, not all problems are easy to understand and detect, some are less immediate, such as data synchronization.
Even when two systems communicate, it is not said that they do it in an optimal, bi-directional way. The risk is that of being with the same candidate or the same client who has different, discordant or even missing data.

The only solution is an all-in-one software designed and developed for the staffing market.
Some local players offer multiple services within a single solution, but not effectively covering all stages of the process; or again, international players are able to guarantee complete coverage of the entire operational part (ATS + CRM) but do not include administration (timesheet and billing).

Multi-country administrative modules

Developing an administrative form can be very complicated because it has to comply with specific laws on social contributions, taxes and wages for the worker. The final result is that even the largest player is faced with important structural constraints, forced to make strategic choices. It often leans towards the dominant country, in absolute terms of portfolio staffing agency and / or in terms of turnover, at the expense of the other countries.

It is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to find a software house capable of building and managing the administrative module (back office) for more than one country.

Administration in Arca24

The Arca24 team is made up of professionals coming from the staffing agency market and who daily put their experience to support new developments.

Thanks to the collaboration between our two departments (operations and product) was born:

  • JobArch, a software that includes a ATSwith an integrated AI-based system and an associated CRM for startups, SMEs and small business.
  • Ngage, a software that includes a module for recruiting (with an integrated AI-based system that allows automatic ranking of candidates), an associated CRM, an agenda for complete tracking of information and a reporting system for selection and commercial KPIs.

Additional modules to Ngage were then implemented to maximize software efficiency and effectiveness. The first country to which we proposed our system was Switzerland: we did not go as far as billing but we went as far as creating the certificates (obtaining the Swissdec certification).

In Switzerland our customers can manage, with a single all-in-one software, the supply chain processes, from recruiting to wages, from the administration of CRM to invoicing.

The second country to which we dedicated ourselves was Italy, which has one of the most complex administrative systems in the world. Today the quotations and invoices module are available for the Italian market.

Recently, thanks to the experience gained, we started with the construction of the quotation module – contracts – hours and billing for the US market. In parallel, we are developing a system which, thanks to flexible and global logic, can be used in many other countries (especially the Anglo-Saxon ones).
Ngage aims to become the only true all-in-one Staffing Business Software for many countries.