Over the last few years, the Customer experience (CX), is becoming more and more important in the development of business strategies. In the field of Human Resources, this new perspective allows to eclipse the competition.

Customer experience (CX) and employment agencies’ world

In the employment agencies’ world, competitors are more and more fierce, becoming even more hard to distinguish itself and beat the competition. Over the last few years, companies have been trying to distinguish itself through the enhancement of a feature scarcely considered before: the customer experience (CX).

The CX concerns the company-customer contact, since the moment in which the customer gets to know the company, to the consolidation of a trust-based relationship. For recruitment and temporary staffing agencies, it is fundamental to focus on the customer and to consider his or her point of view of primary importance, not only during the staffing research, but also in the previous and following phases. During these steps, in fact, it is possible to create a solid foundation for the Customer Experience and an effective relationship with the customer.

The recruitment CRM, integrated solution

The information technology can be of great support for the establishment of a stable and long-lasting relationship between company and customer.

JobArch is an essential tool for the construction of a solid relationship with your customers. In the software, the CRM integrated solution is meant to facilitate the customer management.

In fact, with this tool, it is possible not only to include data regarding customer companies and their referents, but also to directly manage opportunities related to the customer, setting up and management of activity types, up to candidate onboarding. In this way, it is possible to administer information related to each customer in a perfectly organized and ordered manner.


Taking care of your customer is the first step to create a long-lasting trust-based relationship, in order to offer a service focused on the customer and to eclipse the competition. JobArch is the perfect solution to manage your customers and to assure a positive customer experience.