Millennials are more and more relevant in the work force, but which are the features they look for in their work place? Knowing these features means understand the best way to develop talent acquisition strategies necessary to boost their involvement in the work world.

Generation Y, composed by Millennials, include people born between 1980 and 1995. It is the youngest generation entirely inserted in the work world and, in some states like in the USA, it constitutes the most numerous generations in the national work force. Therefore, it is fundamental to know its characteristics, in order to define the best talent acquisition strategy and the RH management. In fact, only comprehending their wishes and necessities, it is possible to plan the features of job ads and manage their work after the hiring process.

Are you wondering which characteristics Millennials are looking for in their work place? Here it is a list of the 5 most important features.

1. Flexibility

It is undeniable that millennials’ dream is to have a form of remote work, implying they do not need to concretely go to their place of work every day. New technologies allow the digitization of work and the possibility to stay connected to colleagues and to work from everywhere. Smart working gives the opportunity to have a better work-life balance, which is fundamental for millennials. In fact, they do not want to sacrifice for their job the time to spend for their families or themselves.

2. Engagement

Millennials wish a job where it is possible to put into practice their skills and apply their knowledge and competences. Youngsters want to give a strong contribution to their company, they want to show their value, this is why they wish for greater responsibility, allowing a personal and professional enrichment.

3. Teamwork

Millennials were born and raised during the social network era. Superficially, they are accustomed to be in contact with their peers, to receive feedback and to cooperate with other people. That is why, it is fundamental that the place of work permits dialogue between co-workers and learning through the relationship with more expert and older colleagues.

4. Career growth

Generation Y, compared to the older ones, has access to a higher education. This is why, millennials are generally optimistic towards their future and are convinced that it is possible to grow both personally and professionally in a good work environment. Career growth is one of the most important considerations that spurs choice of the work place. Millennials are young and willing to work in which their need for accomplishment can be satisfied.

5. Job hopping

Youngsters see work places as springboards with which they can reach not only a development of their skills and knowledge, but also the possibility of career growth. One of the most important characteristics recruiters have to keep in mind is that millennials are job hoppers. This means they are more prone than the older generation was to change workplace each 2 or 4 years. Even though many recruiters consider it a con, millennials are able to better develop their soft skills and knowledge, besides having a higher probability to get promotions.

These are the most important characteristics millennial employees look for in their work environment and the features that must be considered in order to develop recruitment and HR management strategies.