Those who work in the field of recruitment and talent acquisition know the importance of having a wide availability of applicants for present and future necessity. So, it is important to understand the possible winning strategies to attract new applicants and, especially, to maintain their contacts.

Here are 3 simple suggestions in order to catch and maintain the applicants’ attention.

1. Clear and attracting job ads

The first contact between prospective applicants and your company is the ads. However, they are often unable to attract the potential applicants’ attention, especially when they are too generic and boring, risking to give a wrong image of your company and discouraging the candidate. Try to be more specific, immediately clarify the qualities and habilities that your ideal applicant must own. Be straightforward writing an attracting and complete ad!

2. Manage your applicants with techonolgy

Nowadays, the page “carreers” is one of the most used methods to insert ads and to receive applications. Alteranatively, job boards are a good resource, allowing the posting of your ads in well-known sites used by many applicants. However, have you ever thought to use a software that allows you to directly manage your applications, an invaluable tool meant to save all of your applicants in a database you entirely own? The most up-to-date softwares have all of those features and allow saving time through automized e-mails and messages. With multimailing it is possible to send mass e-mails, creating lists of recipients. In this way, it will be very easy to manage your applicants and keep them updated on the entire selection process.

3. Improve your applicants’ experience

Since the moment the prospective applicant notice your ad until the hiring, you should support him or her in a positive way, so that, even if not hired for the required job position, it would be possible to keep him or her in your list of prospective applicants for future necessities. For example, it is particularly useful to have a software allowing the multiposting on social media: in this way the access to your ad will be fast and immediate. It is even more important to constantly update your applicants regarding new job offers relevant to his or her profile and required job.

With JobArch -recruiting software for small business- you can manage the entire application process with only one program. The ad posting is developed to be interesting, specific and easily accessible thanks to the connection to the most important job boards and social networks. The applicant management is intuitive and immediate and it includes the multimailing system, allowing the constant updating of the applicants registered in your database. Your applicants will also access to their personal area where they can see the results of tests and video interviews you required, besides editing their resume and personal data.