The technology was created to carry out jobs with little added value for humans to leave more time for those who make the selection to devote themselves to more important actions and evaluations. Let’s debunk the fake news against AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is software, a machine that carries out actions, which helps us process data that are humanly impossible to manage because they are too many or too complicated.

Why was it born?

It is a technology that was created to respond to a problem: big data management, the existence in different fields (e.g. medical, human resources, etc.) of a quantity of data to be managed, which cannot be organized except through technology. To do it, technology is constantly dividing, so it has a starting point, but it is constantly evolving. To fully understand the technology and to not fall into false stereotypes, it is essential to parameterize the expectations we have towards it…

A debate between human being and AI

The software performs actions, not evaluations. The AI is not able to do everything, it only performs the tasks with little added value. It does not overlap with human work but reads data and prepares a semi-finished product to speed up the work of those who will then have to evaluate and make decisions.
Competition does not exist between man and AI, this last one is just software, a machine designed by man, which performs actions that are complicated and tiring for a human being.

AI cannot replace a man or steal his job, it cannot be good or bad, because we are talking about software. We just have to parameterize our expectations towards technology, eliminate unjustified fears and instead exploit the man-machine combination in our favor.

Fake news regarding AI

In the area of human resources, there are several fake news regarding AI:

  • “The AI evaluates CVs”
  • “You have to write your CV based on how the machine wants it”
  • “I have to write the CV in a certain way, otherwise it is directly discarded by the ATS”

All of these are false stereotypes that only create unnecessary fear of technology.

Why does this happen?

Because getting angry with the machine is easy, it is an entity that does not answer but, in reality, it is not the machine that is bad, but it is the human being who, failing to understand it fully, creates fears of it.

The only truth is that technology only serves to make the job of both the recruiter and the candidate less complicated. We can define AI as a moderator between the language of the recruiter and the candidate.