1. The Lead generator for the staffing agencies and the recruiting companies

The Lead Generator is a tool created for employment and recruitment agencies to help them identify and respond quickly to demand from their clients and prospects.
The understanding of the job market supports and guides them in their strategic choices and in identifying interesting new leads in the market.

The Lead Generator is the Skillskan jobfeed that automatically searches the internet for new job ads every day.
Jobfeed aggregates job vacancies on the Internet and compiles them into an easily searchable database.
This data is classified, and thanks to our detailed and up-to-date knowledge of the job market, the data is enriched with relevant information, including synonyms and related terms.

With this tool, you can easily track the posting behavior of customers and prospects by searching them directly in the system to study a successful business strategy.

2. How does the Lead Generator work?

Crawling and ranking
The system searches the Internet daily for new jobs through an automated process. The vacancies found are automatically extracted, classified and registered in the Skillskan database.

Information extraction
In order to make jobs searchable, they are automatically structured using our semantic search for intelligent information extraction. Our semantic searching and matching is trained to search free text data and is therefore independent of text structure or source format.

Normalization and enrichment
Normalization means that extracted data are classified according to a standard format. This makes it easier to find data and perform analysis. Normalization occurs in areas such as occupations, education levels and organizations.