1. What is the resume parser?

The resume parser is the process of converting an unstructured CV into a structured format that can be integrated into any software system. It helps create a better candidate experience, eliminates data entry, and enables better searching.

Our resume parser for image processing allows you to convert documents with different structure, language and format (pdf, doc, docx, odt, txt, etc.) into editable and searchable data.

2. How does the resume parser for image processing work?

The resume parser can parse any resume format. It converts resumes to images and, thanks to an integrated image processing software – the Optical Character Recognition-, and it recognizes the CV sections.

3. OCR Technology

Optical Character Recognition makes it possible to convert different types of documents – scanned documents, PDF files, or digital photos – into editable and searchable data.

In recent years, OCR technology has become increasingly important precisely because of the various economic and ecological benefits it brings: the evolution of OCR has made it possible to decrease costs related to data collection and in-house searching.

Recently, OCR technology has been used extensively in industries where there has been a need to revolutionize the way of thinking about documentation and document management.

4. What benefits does the use of OCR technology bring to resume parser?

Increased productivity
Automated data processing speeds up workflow by up to 40 times compared to manual entry of information in documents. Time that can be used by referrers to perform more value-added activities with clients and candidates.

Increased storage space
OCR can capture, analyze and catalog information from paper documents at the enterprise level. This simply means that data can now be stored in an electronic format on servers, eliminating the need to maintain huge paper files that are difficult to access.

Digitizing paper instruments
OCR technology allows scanned paper and documents to be digitized for quick and reliable storage and retrieval or for instant reuse and editing. Experience the unparalleled accuracy of Artificial Intelligence-based optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

Increased efficiency for the HR department
The use of OCR technology increases the efficiency and effectiveness of office work: the ability to instantly search through content is immensely useful, especially in an office environment that must handle high-volume scanning or high document influx, as is the case for the HR department.

OCR is fast and accurate and contributes to a substantial increase in workflow, as employees, no longer having to engage in repetitive manual tasks, can work more quickly and efficiently.