quality policy

This page describes the commitment of Arca24.com SA in preparing and administering the Quality Management System (QMS), in compliance with current and applicable legislation and regulations, as well as in compliance with other requirements voluntarily adopted by the company.
Arca24.com SA promotes all the necessary actions so that its work, in compliance with all legal or other requirements, is oriented towards the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. establish, implement, keep operational and periodically review the Quality Management System, intended as a useful and dynamic tool to allow the organization to achieve the objectives set, also in function of compliance with the commitments made to stakeholders;
  2. improve the production, service and sales organization, also thanks to technological changes, always seeking high quality standards;
  3. pursuing customer satisfaction, maximizing the perception of the value of the products supplied and tending to achieve their expectations with continuity;
  4. enhance their collaborators, considered a fundamental element of corporate growth, increasing their knowledge and skills through appropriate growth and information paths and promoting awareness and involvement, so that they share and implement this Company Policy and adopt behaviors that comply with the principles expressed in it, with the aim of progressively reducing the risks related to the activities they carry out, and their impacts on quality, safety and the environment;
  5. attach fundamental importance to quality, protection of the workplace and workers health and protection of the environment. For this reason, everyone must commit to conducting their business rationally and efficiently, reconciling economic growth with the protection of health, safety and the environment, minimizing the impact of our activities and always ensuring the best and safest working conditions;
  6. undertake daily, allocating the appropriate resources (economic, technical and human), to the pursuit of the objectives of Arca24.com SA, defining roles, responsibilities and duties and periodically verifying their degree of implementation and achievement;
  7. ensure and support, through appropriate communication channels, the awareness of all staff and collaborators who, in various capacities, operate in collaboration or on behalf of the Company, of their role, of the consequences of their actions and of the risks regarding failure to apply quality procedures;
  8. continuously and determinedly pursue the improvement of the QMS, working on the definition of increasingly ambitious objectives and programs, monitoring their operation over time, the conditions of compliance and the adequacy to prevent any risks of offenses, supporting an adequate audit plan, defining appropriate indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of individual company processes and analyzing data from the market, non-conformities, complaints, accidents and the results of previous management reviews.

The Company Policy, defined by the Management of Arca24.com SA, was developed in accordance with the Company’s founding values and beliefs and is considered appropriate for the purposes and context in which it operates, its strategic guidelines, the nature and the size of the risks detected, the activities and processes that take place there and is applicable to all levels of the organization. As such it will be communicated and disseminated to all staff. Availability is also ensured for all recipients, through display within the headquarters, as well as through publication on the website, or by delivery on request.