Corporate news

Arca24 is participating in the Swiss Virtual Expo

Arca24 is participating in the Swiss Virtual Expo Corporate News | 10/28/2021 We are delighted to Swiss Virtual Expo Project. Arca24 is participating in the Swiss Virtual Expo project (winner of the Möbius Award 2021) by Ated ICT Ticino. You will be able to explore the pavilions and booths an [...]

Real smart working

Real smart working Corporate News | 08/26/2020 How will work experience change? What will remain online and what will instead retu [...]

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Product blog

Talent Management

Recruiting 2021-22: new trends

Recruiting 2021-22: new trends Talent acquisition | 09.23.2021 Giovanna Benedettelli – FuturingYOU, HR Business Advisory. After such a complicated year as 2020, it is no wonder that companies have re-evaluated their talent acquisition and recruitment strategies. The pandemic has not been the onl [...]

Job design for wellbeing

Job design for wellbeing Talent acquisition | 07.08.2021 2021 is the year of challenges, of experimentation, of putting oneself t [...]

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Staffing Software

Encouraging signs from the Staffing Agency industry

Encouraging signs from the Staffing Agency industry Staffing Software | 26.04.2021 After the crisis recorded in Q2, there are encouraging signs that the sector is recovering strongly. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted economies and labour markets around the world, leading to significant con [...]

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HR Tech blog

Digital Transformation

First episode Digital Transformation | Multiposting

Today begins our section on Digital Transformation in the world of HR. The first episode of a journey along 24, in which we will tackle different topics; first of all, the combination of human resources and technology. The first episode focuses on the Talent Acquisition, a theme that we will be [...]

Change Management

Change management in everyday business

Talking about change today means tackling one of the topics that might have been mentioned at least once a day by the people of our entourage. Technological innovation accelerates change and makes it part of everyday business. For this reason, each company must be radically restructured to respond [...]

Change Management

Giving a precise definition of change may seem simple, perhaps because of the high frequency with which we use and hear [...]


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The new Swiss law on personal data protection

The new Swiss law on personal data protection GDPR for HR | 07.22.2021 On 25TH September 2021 the Swiss National Council adopted the revision of the new LPD. In structuring the new Data Protection Law, the Federal Council and the Parliament could not fail to take into account the Convention STE 1 [...]

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