Arca24 blows out the candles: We turn 10 years old!

Corporate News | 06/25/2023

Arca24 celebrates 10 Years! Founded in 2013 by an idea of Gabriele Molteni, now Arca24 counts 36 employees and has over 10,000 recruiters active-daily on its HR software and 10 million candidates manage in its database.

The history and DNA of Arca24

Exactly 10 years ago, on a hot summer day, Arca24 was born.
The idea of our CEO Gabriele Molteni became reality He wanted to create a company able to offer solutions to the problems that tormented the human resources sector became reality. Difficulties that he knew very well and firsthand, after more than 10 years of experience in the field. It was June 25, 2013.

Immediately, with the help of our CTO Jacopo Negro Cusa, the first drawings on paper began to turn into HR software. The two chose a small office in Novazzano as a base. Today two floors of that building are the headquarters of Arca24.

This is the beginning of a team of 6 people, divided into dedicated departments such as IT, customer service, sales, marketing and sales that have grown over the years.

The attention to the talent acquisition process, both for the staffing agency and corporate markets, immediately magnetized our forces because it was difficult for recruiters to process the amount of data that new media (website, portals and social networks) were attracting until moving on to the current problem of Talent Shortage.
This led us to develop the AI CV Matching technology, our pre-screening system based on a semantic engine that has constantly evolved and that has allowed us to win the HR Tech Award in the last two years.

Since 2019, in two years, we have doubled our internal staff, from 14 to 31 employees, with the aim of achieving the objectives we had set ourselves. We have expanded the IT department to cope with the constant growth of the business and customers; the marketing department to improve international communication; the sales network to expand the presence of our HR software in new markets.

In 2020 we launched on the market an online platform for testing soft skills, developed in collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan. We enhanced the video recruiting tools and the online platform for the evaluation of language tests, to meet the needs triggered by the pandemic.

In July 2021, we created a new internal department dedicated exclusively to partner management, which is constantly growing in terms of numbers and people. It has already achieved important partnerships such as, for example, with the French Talentia Software and the Italian Avvale (formerly Techedge).

Over the years, the recognition of Arca24 in the international market has expanded. In 2021 the first participation in the Global Staffing Front Office Software Landscape of SIA- Staffing Industry Analysis and in 2022 the recognition within the Fosway 9-Grid™.

In all these years our main objective has been and still is to support human resources professionals with innovative and constantly updated tools to identify and retain their collaborators, who are the driving force of business success.

We cannot repeat enough the motto that has always guided us both as HR software providers and as a company: “The success of every organization passes through the people who work there”. The two important awards recently achieved – Great Place To Work® and Best Workplaces™ in Switzerland – demonstrate the application of our corporate philosophy in a tangible way.

The future of Arca24

In the year of our tenth birthday, the number 10 constantly recurs to remind us of achievements:

  • 10 countries in which we currently operate and in which our technologies are used
  • 10,000 recruiters who are active every day within our HR software
  • 10,000,000 candidates managed in our database on behalf of our clients

We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with many great clients and to help many professionals achieve their goals. We look forward to continuing to offer the highest quality technology solutions to our customers and contributing to their continued success.

For our 10th anniversary, we have to thank not only our customers, but above all our employees, who guide us towards a bright future and make us a competitive company.


Arca24 is an HR Tech Factory specialised in the development of cloud software for the human resources sector.

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