It is vital that companies and suppliers today establish a complete strategic plan with standards, rules and procedures to guarantee data confidentiality and the protection of personal information of employees and customers.

How to ensure security and data protection in the company?

  • Always encrypt data
    Although not mandatory under the GDPR, encryption is one of the best ways to protect your data.
  • Make sure you understand your responsibilities and role
    Data security is a collaboration of all parties involved in the activity. And all the responsible parties are bound by the GDPR.
  • Always be proactive
    Prevention is better than cure! GDPR compliance is not a one-off process. It is a constant commitment that a company must make to protect the privacy of its employees.
  • Create a culture based on safety
    The GDPR will affect a much larger section of its business than the IT department alone. Success in the GDPR requires not only technical excellence, but also a shared understanding of the importance of data security.

Senior management can – and must – help promote a primarily secure culture, ensuring that the protection of data privacy is at the forefront of every process, practice, procedure and methodology.