2019 will be a year of growth and of new projects for Arca24. In particular, a key factor will be played by the development within the organization of a green sensibility, namely of the commitment on an eco-sustainable level.

As a software house that designs cloud solutions for the HR world, Arca24 already promotes the concept of “paperless” by itself. Indeed, our software allow the optimization of recruitment processes not only in terms of time and costs saving, but also in terms of paper saving while carrying out the daily work. However, Arca24 green philosophy is not only circumscribed to the outside of the company, thanks to the solutions offered to its customers; on the contrary, it mainly focuses within the organization itself.

The first objective in the field of sustainable development is the total elimination of plastic bottles: indeed, the company makes canteens available, which its employees can use to consume their drinks, avoiding the accumulation and the consequent disposal of large plastic quantities. From that viewpoint, we must also underline the fact that Arca24 is currently adapting to the new Swiss regulations on waste disposal, thanks to separate waste collection and recycling.

Another important goal will be that of replacing the pod coffee machines, which are difficult to dispose of, preferring instead those with grinder, buying coffee from fair trade. Indeed, this trade guarantees fair salaries, work safety and cultivation techniques that respect the environment.

Last but not least, Arca24 would like to increase the awareness of its employees to sustainable, as green commitment must be an integral part of the corporate culture. For this reason, Arca24 is working for the recharge of electric cars as well as improving the adoption of sustainable behaviour using bicycles and public transport to respect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions.

All those green strategies have a common denominator: to act with a sense of responsibility and awareness, with the aim of creating long-term value.