Giving a precise definition of change may seem simple, perhaps because of the high frequency with which we use and hear this term.

Many have tried to define it and as many have given aphorisms concerning the theme, but a common vision of the theme has not always been reached.

How come the theme of change affects the sensitivity of many people?

One of the probable answers is that changing is more “tiring” than persisting. In reality, change has always existed as a concept and it has always been rather natural and obvious to experience transformations. However, in order to fully understand the change and be able to deal with it in terms of thought, it was necessary to elaborate the opposite concept, that of persistence.

Strange isn’t it? And yet it went just like that. There is no change that is not generated by a persistence phase and vice versa.

As mentioned, it is not possible to give a univocal definition of change, it is however possible to understand how it occurs and what happens to people, that most of the times are facing it.