1. The importance of Statistics in an HR platform

Instant reports on HR processes are a great tool for fast and strategic decision making.
A well-structured HR report can give you critical information to help recruiters make the best decisions, plan the future, identify improvement areas, and speed up the selection process.
The reporting modules in HR SaaS tools provide recruiters with data to make confident data driven decisions, based on quantitative evidence, rather than subjective evaluations.

2. JobApt Reporting Module

JobApt is a ready to use job board designed for employment agencies, job board owners and staffing companies of different dimensions for job ads posting and talent acquisition.
Our job board integration software is provided with a reporting module, that makes the generation of reports faster and easier: you can have instant and detailed statistics in a few clicks. Thanks to this module, recruiters can analyse their HR data and make strategic and bold decisions with an impact on people and company profits.

3. Save time and money

Without data analysis software, HR professionals tend to spend many hours per week creating reports and wasting precious time. Thanks to JopApt, you can generate detailed and easy to read reports that help you analyse the whole selection process.


4. How did you improve JobApt Statistics?

For what concerns candidate data, we have implemented the report about candidate acquisition channels, concerning both candidate registration to the job board and candidate application to a job vacancy. In this way, you can evaluate which sources are the most profitable and worth investing.
Moreover, even companies can now view the source of registrations to the board, such as social media, Google, etc.
In both reports, you can filter the results not only by data, but also by country and region to help you carry on a more accurate analysis.


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JobApt- Job Board Template Software

JobApt is a job board software that enables an online matching between demand (companies and staffing organizations) and supply (candidates).