Today, a set of transversal skills is becoming more and more important in successfully meeting the labor market, together with strictly professional ones. We are talking about the so-called “soft skills”, namely competencies such as precision, stress resilience and problem solving, which are positively evaluated from HR during a job interview.

Soft skills are competencies related not to specific job positions, but more to personal qualities and attitudes; they are indeed sides of our personality, which deeply influence our way of being and working, as well as the career that best suits us. Everyone has a set of distinctive attitudes that start to develop at the age of 20. However, it is not always so easy to be good at recognizing them, even for ourselves. There are indeed attitudes that simply come to light, but there are even others that are not so easy to be identified and which are useful for us as well as for our CV and career.

Atti2de: personal attitudes and transversal competencies

In order to meet this need, Atti2de has developed a videogame based on a sophisticated algorithm able to define the attitudinal profile of the player in a very precise, specific and detailed way. In each individual profile everyone can find out attitudes that describe them better, that is those with higher scores, and attitudes that less characterize them, that is those with lower scores. Besides, the player has the chance to compare its results with more than a hundred ideal ones and therefore he is able to find out which kind of job best suits him.

Starting from September 2018, Atti2de has been integrated with all Arca24 solutions. In a context where it is more and more difficult to recruit, Arca24 is always searching for solutions that allow a better and improved talent management. Currently our technology includes a Skills Matching Intelligence system able to read CVs and job adverts, in order to identify candidates’ competencies and recognize the applicants who best match with the job openings. At the same time, our software already displays tools, such as language or soft skills tests, in order to analyze cognitive, relational and communicative capabilities for each candidate. This is mainly because recognizing your personal attitudes is essential for individuals and organizations as well: individuals have the chance to identify jobs to which they suit best and organizations are more likely to avoid placing the wrong candidates.

The value of this common project is the fact that it is possible to distinguish candidates’ competencies and inclinations that are normally not included in curriculum vitae or that are evaluated in a very subjective way.  It is necessary to have an objective description of personal attitudes; this is the only way to be concretely and consistently oriented to work, with a real opportunity to start a successful career.