Arca24 specialises in Human Resources software. We are not a traditional IT company because we focus on the software development that helps humans to do their job not only when they are working on it but also when they aren’t.

The project we are presenting to StartCup Ticino is CB1-18 a recruiting ChatBot which represents digital transformation of HR and a great development of the products that we are already selling to our active customers.

ChatBot technology normally have a passive character: there are other Bots developed to answering certain questions. The active character of our recruiting ChatBot, that will ask question is a peculiarity that stand us out from the others.

The software is all developed in Ticino by our own team. The process begins with a parser and with skills matching intelligence, especially developed for HR, which analyses every CV of candidates regardless of how it was written and detecting the classic information that recruiters look for during the CV screening: how many jobs the candidate have done, years of experience, average length of work, willingness to change and professional skills, all of that considering the educational level, age and the professional role of the candidate.

Once CB1-18 has completed the CV analysis, it will be able to do the job interview to the candidate in an automatic way in order to get more information but leaving the evaluation to the Recruiter. Depending on the detected information, our software will choose some questions from a library, the most appropriate ones to submit, for instance: why he has changed his job.

Once the software have found the most relevant questions, it will conduct a fully automated video interview and will submit it to the candidate. The candidate will receive an email with a link that will guide him. This will be a real job interview, questions will appear one at a time without the opportunity to remake it.

The interview can be recorder at any time by the candidate using a smartphone.

In a second step, the software will also decide if is useful to submit to the candidate additional test according to detected role and skills: soft skills test and language test and unlike the first step this will return a result to the recruiter.

Companies receive thousands of CV every day, which cannot be read or analysed in depth because companies don’t have time, especially if they don’t have open opportunities. This problem can be named within a common sentence “big data management”.

The disproportion between time and information to manage is a big issue both for companies and for candidates. Our technology represents our willing to face and try to solve this difficulties.

On the one hand CB1-18 will allow candidates to present themselves in the best way and thus increasing the chances of finding a job, it happens very frequently that applicants are rejected because companies don’t have the time for a detailed analysis.

On the other hand our software will allow companies to identify the best applicant for their needs.

CB1-18 will interview all the applicants every day whether there are opening job offers or when they aren’t. So when the moment comes to select the most suitable candidates will be done in few minutes.

Is a software that does not have any barrier of company sector either of business size or language, our software is already available in 6 languages, Swiss national languages plus English, Spanish and Polish.

The software can be useful in large companies to support the HR office, in small companies in support of the lack of an HR office, where the recruiter and the accountant are often the same person.

Time is the most valuable asset for individuals and professionals. The software can do a lot of work with low added value, leaving people at work with high added value: professional job.

That represents the main sense of our philosophy “your time our technologies”.