The Quality Management System (QMS) certification is the attestation of compliance with the ISO 9001 applicable requirements.

This standard applies to the organization’s processes having an impact on the quality of the product/service provided to the customers, by better contextualising their application and focusing on improving internal (measurable) business performance, customer, partner and relevant stakeholder satisfaction, as well as introducing – among others – the concepts of risk-based approach and sustainable quality.

Commitment and responsibility

Being ISO certified means creating an organizational system within the company, whose requirements meet those of the standard; those requirements must apply to all business processes: sales, customer management, production, etc…

ISO 9001 introduces significant bureaucratic simplifications – especially as far as documentation is concerned – and fosters a proactive company approach based on a culture of prevention and improvement, in order to facilitate the application of integrated systems.

In the context of an increasingly competitive and interconnected global and local market, the certification of the company Quality Management System becomes a crucial requirement for traceability.

Companies that have decided to obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification have not only acquired a greater capacity to deal with the potential risks associated with the reference sector, but also a greater talent to seize the opportunities for growth and development of their business.

For more information on our Quality Management System, please refer to the Quality Policy.