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About us

Arca24 is an IT company specialized in the HR field. Thanks to its founders' experience in the human resources, it creates IT products which are tailored for those who work in that field. We know their needs, and we know that in the processes of staff recruitment and selection not only is it important to have a great visibility to increase the recruitment; often, the big problem is the large amount of applications which each company receives and the little time they have to assess them all. It is here that Arca24 comes into play, by providing IT services which help to find the needle in the haystack quickly and with little effort.

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“Your time, our technologies”. Our slogan encloses our company philosophy better than any speech. We want to change the standard according to which searching for a job or for candidates are two unidirectional processes: we put our technology at the service of our customers, allowing them to save time and money, being aware of the fact that the two things are closely linked. All our tools were developed with this mission in our mind and therefore, in addition to the technological aspect, we give a great importance to the "user experience": users can use our systems in the most intuitive way possible, thus saving further time, which is usually dedicated to learn a new software. Our goal is to create platforms that do not require long training, but where you can learn just by using it. Thanks to our technology candidates and companies can find each other automatically, without effort and without wasting time, using the most advanced technologies in the HR industry on a single platform.Lastly, our mission is trying to involve all those who are not ''active'' as they would like to be or should be in the labor market. Some companies are forced to hire for reference because of the lack of time and resources, rather than relying on real people skills. At the same time there are also many candidates called "passive" or who are not actively looking for a job, because they are already relatively satisfied with their work situation, but if they received an interesting proposal they would evaluate it. Our technologies, also through some new systems that we are planning in the near future (eg. the psycho aptitude tests), also aim to attract passive candidates and involve them as spectators, giving them the opportunity to be found only if, when and by whom they wish.

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Are you a company?

Are you an employer?

If your dream is nevermore to lose time in the search and selection of staff, you're in the right place! Our products allow you to optimize all processes through the use of some integrated softwares and platforms which include all the tools that you need. Being usable in cloud and customized to the needs of your company, the services of Arca24 will give you an edge to put the right people into the right place with the least expenditure of time, energy and money possible!

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Recruiting tools

All the tools you need

arca24 recruiter

arca24 | recruit

How long does it usually take to make a selection and get to identify the right candidate to hire? Screening 50 CVs in response to a job ad implies 2 hours of work on average. To speak by phone with the 10 best candidates, check their availability and organize their interviews, at least another hour is implied. Then, of course, those interviews should be made and, not counting delays or postponements, it is unlikely that you can finish in less than half an hour. Even statistics confirm that it takes approximately 8 hours to make a standard selection.

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arca24 talent management

arca24 | talent management

A-Pro is a Web-Based Software which can be used directly from your company website. It allows you to manage the whole recruitment process, assessing and selecting candidates inside your own database. The software is visible from outside users on the website, but at the same time you will have a hidden control panel with limited access to authorized internal staff. You can use all the tools developed by Arca24 in a tailored customizable product, on the basis of the needs of each company.

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arca24 video recruiter

arca24 | video recruiter, a system allowing to realise automated online interviews, which can be made individually or in groups, harnesses the power of new technologies, shortening the recruitment process and improving its quality: nomore time wasted on useless interviews, nomore live video interviews in inconvenient hours, more freedom and efficiency, both for the candidate and for the company.

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arca24 semantic engine

arca24 | semantic engine

SEM, acronym of Semantic Engine Matching, is a semantic search engine containing thousands of professional job descriptions which are classified by geographical region and language. SEM reads documents such as Résumés, job offers or some research made by companies, it understands their meaning and intersects them with the professional job descriptions, creating and sorting the search results.

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arca24 database

arca24 | database

If you are a company, an employment agency, or a job portal, what you need to increase the possibility that all the possible needles are present within your haystack, so that the right one will be found, is a large database of candidates.

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arca24 job test

arca24 | job test

Thanks to many different methods of recruitment and selection, from the most advanced methods to the most traditional ones, you have found the best candidate on paper: he speaks five languages, he has a degree in the discipline which is the most convenient to you, he has had many experiences abroad in some prestigious companies. But how do you know if it is the person you are looking for, even from the human point of view?

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Job seeker

Are you a candidate?

Are you a job seeker?

Is your dream to find a job without even searching? Arca24 is what's right for you! Both through the job board and through the websites of companies which integrated our services, it will be enough to effect a registration lasting a few minutes and, thanks to our semantic search engine, your profile will be potentially able to be found by thousands of companies, on the basis of your preferences. Of course your privacy is protected by Arca24: actually each candidate will be the one to choose whether to be immediately visible to all companies or to give his own express consent from time to time, to any company wishing to view his own personal information.

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future product
arca24 web reputation


“You can tell what somebody is like by the company they keep”. Every content you post in your social profiles contributes to create your ''web reputation'', that is to say your reputation based on what you write and post and on your activities online. Do the contents emerging from your social profile reflect your pfofessional one?

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