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We take care of our customers’ challenges as well as the efforts necessary to overcome them. For this reason, we develop software solutions able to increase the efficiency of HR processes.

Our technology

We take advantage of new technology by developing innovative products and creating solutions for the HR world.


Arca24 is a software house specialized in the development of cloud software solutions for recruiting, selection and HR management.

We design tailor-made solutions for recruiting firms, temporary staffing agencies as well as HR departments in organizations.


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Real HR Artificial Intelligence

Our team design and develop solutions and tools for the world of work and HR. It is artificial intelligence that improves the processes of recruiting and talent management. Our software meets digital transformation requirements, by significantly supporting HR in their workload.

Our technology includes: applicant and job geolocation, a multiposting feature, a skill matching intelligence for automatic CV screening, tools for candidates’ profiles sharing, activity tracking, automated video interviews, language proficiency tests and soft skill tests for applicant selection.

Modules for contract creation and employee time and attendance management are included for an effective employee management.

In addition to them, our software provides tools for performance management and business goal setting and achievement.

Our Software Solutions

We support human resources, the staffing industry and job boards in defining their roadmap

The recruiting scenery

An overall view on the current HR world

From Mess

Today recruiters and companies have always to deal with a set of widespread concepts and phenomena, such as employer branding or artificial intelligence, which are actually very difficult to understand and organically manage.

To Balance

It is therefore necessary to find the right balance between them in order better to manage recruiting and selection processes. Arca24 can be your trustful partner in the digitalization of human resources.


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HR-Tech Event | Biel

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