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The use of Arca24 talent acquisition software can generate savings of up to 70% on hiring costs, thanks to: an integration with the web for the collection of applications within the management system, an automatic pre-screening of profiles (based on AI CV Matching technology), selection tools integrated into the system (video interviews, evaluation tests, killer questions, etc.) and collaborative tools (e.g. it is possible to share the candidate’s profile via a simple link even with people outside the organization, and therefore do not have a user in the system).

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How many job offers do you post each year?

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Costs are calculated on the basis of the following market averages:

  • Time of a vacancy (from the opening of the need to the recruitment of the candidate): 5 weeks
  • Actual working time: 3 weeks which corresponds to approximately 120 hours
  • Hourly cost: between € 25 – € 30 / hour)

Ultimately, the sum of the direct and indirect costs for each vacancy is between € 3,000 e i € 3,500.

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Points of difference

A benchmark analysis was conducted on the technologies and functionalities of HR software, available on the market today. Find out which of these distinguish and characterize our products.

Technology Market Arca24
AI (Artificial Intelligence) CV Matching
Automatic pre-screening of candidates through the use of a specific semantic engine for the HR world, which allows matching between job offers and CVs.
Matching cross-language
Compatibility analysis between profiles and job offers written in different languages.
Ranking of profiles sorted by degree of compatibility of hard and soft skills
Ranking of candidates ordered according to the degree of compatibility of the hard skills and soft skills present in their profile with respect to those required in the job advertisement.
Multiposting with candidate return to the database
Multiposting functionality that guarantees a two-way flow: publication of advertisements on the main market job boards and receipt of applications within the management system.
Reading documents using OCR technology
Use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that allows reading and analyzing the content of the CV of the candidates collected, without format limitations (PDF, jpeg, etc.).
Test library of hard skills and soft skills of candidates
Integration with assessment tests of linguistic and technical skills (tests of European and non-European languages, Office tests, etc.) and transversal tests of candidates (personality, memory, logic tests, etc.).
Candidates search in the existing CV database
Request to search for a profile compatible with a new position, directly within the CV database. The matching takes place with “passive” candidates, who have not actively applied for the announcement or even before the announcement was published.
Advanced systems for videorecruiting
Integration with tools for creating different types of video interviews: CV video, real-time video interviews, on-demand and automated video interviews.
Full compliance with the GDPR
Guarantee of a 100% GDPR compliant HR software that allows candidates: an updated privacy policy on the methods of processing personal data, the access and portability of such data and their cancellation in backups.
Employer Branding
Customization of the recruitment tools according to the corporate identity of the company to create continuity between the HR applications and the graphics used on the company website and for a positive candidate experience: eg. career page with company colors and footer and simple and intuitive application forms.

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