2Time, the new frontier of virtual timekeeping

Staffing Software | 02.18.2021

The application that speeds up work hours’ tracking and managing in Employment Agencies

Time recording of temporary workers is often a hot topic for those who have to manage this task on a daily basis, as Employment Agencies.
Often the time recording device is nothing more than a simple paper table, which the temporary employer has to fill in manually, as it is complex to use the company’s timekeeper with the typical badge or card for temporary workers.
The data must then be entered into the online attendance portal to communicate the entire timesheet to the Employment Agencies.
To facilitate the creation and communication of this data flow, Arca24 launches 2Time, a progressive web application (PWA) for the management of timekeeping, which allows with a simple click to “clock in”.

The advantages of 2Time in time management for temporary workers

2Time is a progressive web application that allows workers to clock in easily and immediately.
The application is equipped with geolocalisation to verify the position of the person, who as soon as he/she arrives at the workplace, has only to launch the application and clock-in, then clock-out.
The strong utility of the application is that it saves time for the temporary employment agency, which usually takes many hours to enter, most of the time manually, the attendance/absence of its temporary workers in a timesheet. The application also simplifies the work of the employee who no longer has to go to the branch to hand in the time report.
This automated system allows the automatic data entry of the timesheet with all the incoming and outgoing hours of the worker.
The user company, via the web, can also enter comments in the timesheet (report delays, shortages, etc.) and send them to the Employment Agency, which can then proceed with invoicing.

The innovation of PWAs

The big difference with the mobile apps is that PWAs are not downloadable from popular stores, but from a website.
The second big difference is that they do not require an actual installation phase, and therefore take up very little space on the smartphone’s memory, but visually appear as one of the many icons of applications already available on our mobile phones.
The third peculiarity is their ability to work offline (a feature correctly called service worker), by recording the data of the worker and communicating them to the cloud system once the data connection is recovered for a perfect synchronization of the system.

2Time and Ngage, the Staffing Agency Software

The application “2Time” is connected to Arca24’s Ngage, a complete Staffing Agency Software developed to support Employment Agencies and recruitment companies throughout the entire workflow, which optimizes and digitalizes the processes of talent acquisition, clients’ relationship and administrative management. Ngage combines functionalities and benefits that on the market we often find separated in: ATS for personnel selection, CRM for customer relationship management, and administrative software for managing quotes and contracts, invoices and payroll.

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Ngage (ATS+CRM) is a solution developed to support staffing and employment agencies throughout the entire production cycle. It optimizes and digitalize the processes of talent acquisition, customer relationship and administrative management.

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