Eighth episode FridayTech | Elasticsearch and Kibana

FridayTech | 17.11.2020

Elasticsearch is a scalable and distributed full text search engine – fully written in Java – that allows us to index any type of document on standard JSON notation.

This allows us to query all the information we store within Elasticsearch in a dynamic and fast way, using specific languages.
Currently Elasticsearch is at the first place among the most used search engines on the web and at the seventh place in the DBMS ranking.

In Arca24 we are making wide use of it: by using two Elasticsearch plugins – Bit and Logstash – we collect all the application logs coming from our products and we channel them inside Elasticsearch, so that we can visualize them thanks to the use of the third fundamental component: Kibana.

1. What is Kibana?

Kibana is a “data visualization” tool that allows us to query the content of the Elasticsearch cluster and extrapolate the information in the form of graphs and tabular values, making it easy to read.

This technology can give a boost to the world of HR and Digital Transformation.

2. How can this technology help to optimise HR processes?

Thanks to Kibana and Elasticsearch we can determine when candidates are most active – and so on – by identifying different targets of behaviour.

In addition to identifying an effective way to manage all phases of recruitment and selection of personnel, we can become active in recruitment itself, providing the recruiter with behavioural patterns and all other information necessary to maximize results and find the right people, with appropriate tools and as quickly as possible.

3. How can this technology help to optimise HR processes?

In the future, by integrating more and more details within Elasticsearch, we will be able to increase the number of statistics, detailing them with much more specific questions (e.g. identifying the region that produces the most applications at a specific time of year or – on the contrary – determining which region produces the most applications at a specific time of year and matching the information to match supply and demand in the correct way).

Arca24’s project is to collect all these statistics in a single portal – which will be called JobCloud24.com – and make them available to HR departments to optimise recruitment and selection processes, in an increasingly smart and digital perspective.

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