1. Why candidate multiple evaluation is important in staff selection?

During a selection process, all the incoming applications arrive directly in the corporate Applicant Tracking System, where the HR manager can create job ads in one click, get in contact with candidates and request them different assessment tests. Sometimes, candidates who pass the selection need to be evaluated by other referents or line managers to get the final approval.

2. How do I improve colleague engagement?

Even though the selection process is managed by the HR manager, employees from other departments are often involved in candidate evaluation. However, the ordinary activities and the daily tasks can cause a backlog: the evaluations are late in coming, the selection process has to slow down and the HR manager has the uncomfortable task to push and praise his colleagues.
Thanks to Arca24 ATS, the HR manager can set and manage the different evaluations due for the same candidate from one or more evaluators using a system of parallel evaluations.

3. What are the main advantages?

You can manage internal communication processes in a single software and save a lot of time:

  • you will no longer have to send e-mails manually, because the submission of the evaluation forms is done automatically by the system;
  • you will no longer have to keep track of pending tasks because they will all be recorded within the Applicant Tracking System;
  • evaluators will no longer need user details to access the software, as they will be involved only to make their evaluation.

In this way, you can view aggregate evaluations, compare candidates and make a more balanced decision.


4. How does candidate multiple evaluation module work in Arca24 software?

For each selection process, when creating a job ad, the recruiter has the possibility to enter up to five external evaluators.
Once the recruiter goes on with the selection process, when reaching the third and last step, he can activate this new function by sharing the profiles of the selected candidates.
The system sends an email to the previously chosen evaluators with a link to view the list of selected candidates. For every one of them the evaluator can see their profile and make the evaluation. The evaluations are not subsequential among the different evaluators, each evaluation can be done simultaneously.


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